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I have me the life for wanting, my effort always makes track for not and up you are old of speed, always remember you, have to take advantage o heat to have a meal, evening what time have to go home, the night road of village, have no street lamp.Whether take a rest on time, to money that you send, let you annually check-up, you always say:Know, tomorrow go, but I return to annually, I can't see.

How many years, I walk on the same road, but from see not pure nearby of thing.At present, but have the mood in different the past days, but homology of is me but..It still keep being a person.How many years, seeming can count to come over of time, can not reckon how many of endure long hardship.Have so for an instant, how much discommode to turn the moment of doing the tears, scatter to hit painful of heart point.Who will discover, meet of time but is a false point of departure.Because the extravagance of impulse, let at the beginning wrong a wrong at wrong, continue intractable persistence, increase false weight.Comfort oneself, be regarded as loving meaningless and great, but in the mind clearly know, this is meaningless with great of back of acceptance and injury.Whether choosing should not regret and isn't everybody will be similar to me, the choice equally will say 1 behind:If have no ever, if there is no the extravagance of that impulse.How many years, Cheap Canada Goose Hunting Sale Online 2014support persistence, growth oneself's ideal, the choice of development, hard of study, the rules turns to livingly sit a mark, if start to concuss hard as for numerous wave flowers that dash about in the ocean, natural and unrestrainedly fall in into drop, own proud pride, smile own smile.Think more with its sharing and enjoy this a moment.Even if will also feel tired, which fear tired to remain ego, remains time.How many days in of this, the wanting of madness owns a shoulder of warm enrichment, let I depend for a while, let time stop for a while, remember fondly to think of more of remember fondly.Think that everything comes to a stop, not is remembering fondly, not is having painful yesterday more again, not at the shadow be not letting tears and smile accompany to go together with the form.Thinking more is like the smile that loves being similar to spread full sunlight, big-hearted tolerate, big-hearted comprehension.How many years, such as is happy toward a moment looking for, probably in this beginning, again probably in next be over, even if so,will arise I embrace each other happy desire in the time, even if donation injury, donate difficult forget.It is in brief light light joss-stick to think of not most most, reluctant to part with not most most is an embrace, a smoke joss-stick.Most most and sorrily isn't a cent at the everyone, but that time have never downplayed of love, this is probably a life, can not control living width but can infinitely weigh a life.Whether canning become clear suddenly is some, throw away empty[one] person, understandingly change in a sudden to the feeling, as one pleases but move, as one pleases but smile, horselaugh it is more likely to be as one pleases to cry, tell oneself to have no place not at of strong never and far go, only because how many the middle of the years of how many days...The disappearance in 1.1:00..(: )The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3713840/After several years, long time no see

Comparing the stem of Tibet is cold, the some hot and damp in Guizhou in October.Luckily here many green hills and blue waterses, conveniently wash lung.The yellow fruit tree big view classifies three parts, one Yue steep slope pond, two Yue star bridges in the sky, three is a yellow fruit tree big waterfalls. Steep slope pond it is said that is the television drama 《Journey to the West 》 slice tail is that waterfalls(have already said as well to is a promise day Lang in Jiuzhaigou), this is the 100 meter wide but slightly monotonous one waterfalls, have nothing good to report, at topmost visit. Star bridge in the sky at most downstream, declare aquatic stone wood.Fruit not it however, Ka Si specially looks pretty much typical model, the stone pillar, stalagmite and rock dissolves a strange form of strange form of stone cave.But differ from stone wood of Yunnan and Guilin mountain cave, is good at water here.Valley bottom deep pond, deeply can not measure, emit water to become pillar, and then fall a pond,such as gift, to spend, fall to bump to drain in the stone pool.The stone works properly because of water, water shows because of stone, stone, hole, root and rattan, because of green water green jade wave, silver blossom, all suddenly had vitality.Finally fall to pond Pu to move to ring to extremely sing in the silver chain, big area as snow formation whirlpool, arouse more but go. The yellow fruit tree big waterfalls is a core, belong to Pearl River water to fasten one of the source heads white water river, it is said that is 77 meters in height, the breadth is 101 meters, China even Asia is the biggest.See in person, look like to have no 100 meter wide, but need not examine carefully, either, its male fierce vehemence, really excited public.The waterfalls westward rushes to flow out but rains from the east, the Dao bead collapses jade, silver rain floats to spread, just to the sunlight in afternoon, rainbow flies to do, seven colourful rich in hues.In addition to 110 meters, water bead fan Man, smoke Teng empty, clearness pleasant.Waterfalls under have mountain cave, can lead a person, beautiful it Yue water Lian hole, from in outwardly see, force of the current Qing Xie, water voice bellows, again is dissimilarity.The Pu bottom forms a huge rhinoceros pond, green jade water is cold and crystal-clear, toss around body form, mountain but go.The pure person has poem cloud;"Fly snow to splash jade yellow fruit tree, in disorder red Liao eye sting pear flower."This speech isn't false, the this trip isn't and falsely.Black snake

The strength that is musical in fact is can not accurate terminology speech the speech say.Is French famous writer Wei the gram is many ·the Hugo once said:Music expression of is can not terminology speech description, but again impossible as to it's remain mum thing. For example to a certain song, or a certain melody, 100 listen to not to be disgusted with, even is have a kind of felling for becoming addicted.Once hearing it, will sink to immerse among them, the mood is particularly quiet, imitate Buddha is listenning to his/her own true feelings. For attend to 《fall in love with a person 》 that Ya Li sings on stage, I have been having this felling.Listen to for the first time this song forget is at when, but from the first time after hearing it, then and profoundly engrave in the brain, not to more accurately say, should be to seep into soul, its melody usually pays no attention the ground drips in the mind midstream and hears it each time, mood no matter what kind of it is color, all will moment quiet get such as lake water of wood lake in the match. In fact, the lyrics of this song has no foot view and in brief keeps white, straightforwards the earth's surface reaches love and longs for.But its melody far and far outran the contents that the lyrics loads, informing of independence a kind of hard speech spreads of feeling, slow but floating, imitating the Buddha is a woman in Chiang-Nan smoke rain lane at shallow sing to sing low, tell oneself pure but again slightly with sad mood, that voice knocks on the granite plank in Chiang-Nan rain lane and starts to splash infinite ripple and crosses strong and tough reinforced concrete, Wen Run the anxious and fretful mind of modern city person. Hungary musician Li Si says especially:Music is a leave not is any outside dint, the flame of direct mentally refreshing's most pure feelings;It is from the air for inhaling, it is the vital afferent midstream blood for wearing.This is I once saw of to music's best annotation.Music is directly the only art type of mind that can touch a person in all arts. I have been thinking that everybody's minds contains his/her own special frequency, if a certain song, or a certain melody, the mind of its frequency and a person produces a resonance, it owns your soul, your blood of infiltration, even one of your the strength that feel cell.A person can like a lot of songs, a lot of melodies, but own song or melody of this kind of special strength is not much, to some persons, even unique, can not act for. The Chinese language inside phrase " understanding friend", I feel that it only has poetry and magic power.In my comprehension, the understanding friend anything but and in brief shares common interest, our ancestries create the time of this phrase and in fact have already suggested its profound mystery:Understanding friend should be two people's the sympathy(the resonance of frequency) of the mind. Though the world is very big,the understanding friend is difficult to meet, is from time immemorial hum a regret.However, being compared to look for is an and oneself's mind can the person of sympathy, look for an and the frequency of oneself's mind can music or melody of resonance then want many easy.We completely can sink Be immersed to music or the melody, listen to its to tell, can also entrust own mood to it. In fact, such a song or a melody, the did it ever isn't an understanding friend!Friend

So, I am born more than ten day after, the own mother dies surgical operation on the stage, the father is subjected to this a great blow, is plusing work favour, basically no longer goes home, and I am become blind by the double eyes of the maternal grandmother looks after, maternal grandmother from attend to still Xia not how look after me, only more than ten days, I of the life also walk quickly to end, leaves an one breath.At by this time, the foster mother arrives at me and looking at have already didn't kid's kind of I, determinedly Be not willing to take in, the maternal grandmother cries to kneel to say in mother's in front:"You have a heart to take in her, liking will keep for several days so much, she will okay, this is to accumulate character kind, you also saved a small life."Looking at the Ti tears maneuver of maternal grandmother, the mother is getting more softhearted, hence I had a new house.

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