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I a little bit Mo Ming is wonderful, how does pond in the sky say words like this?You callRead you, I make you read once today.Some affairs presenting to mind will become sick for a long time, taking out to insolate will be a little more comfortable, anyway you I am also incognizant, you regard as to hear a story!Hence, I by chance knew that pond in the sky has been concealing at the affair of the heart.

I come right away company very early on the second day, only a purpose& mdash;—Be carry on creations.When I arrive at company, being like of its calmness just in the middle of sleeping soundly of infant& mdash;—Calmness like this, so of peaceful.I take out notebook and ball-point pen but writing.The company imitates a Buddha to quitely be like quiet ocean at this time, there are a few sea gulls in its sky is flying.At this time the blue temptation appear in my heart me to look forward to ocean for the first time.It brings me numerous many imaginations.All have at the ocean deep places what?It gives me the inspiration of Canada Goose Pas Cher creations and to the passion of life.There are too many repeated contentses in the writing that once wrote down.I the process lieutenant general in the modification these the contents delete.Delete of make me know more at the same timeThe writing is intelligence, the experience combines.It loves in the mind more and sublimating of responsibility.I have already chosen a writing, will be responsible for it, to the reading&the ldquo;I writing& rdquo;Of the friend be responsible for.It I see arrive ever failure and successful reason and also showed me impulsive side.Give my writing road up bring all the sweet and bitter experiences.Ever of wrote in the writingNew youth literature website.It is that one is small scaled.We once did a practice in the new youth webmaster and editor, is also this literature website to make me write to 《drown 》 , 《the road of creations 》 writing like this.Come in contact with new youth& mdash;—Is that I see a letter in the mailbox.My reading finishes the contents of letter, click into this literature website.Its vitality, competition, the popularity all makes me move.After I register pen name, the beginning announces a writing in this literature website.The writing of new youth, all of big parts are what I sit to write down before computers.I am aming a net in the net cafe at this time tube.I search a writing and bring the happiness of the person on this website, it such beauty, be like a rose, it so of sweet——Be like highland barley wine.The beautiful recollection moistens to apply color the heart of reaching the boy like sweet peach, it imitates a Buddha to send forth to let the flavor that he can not refuse.It is a subtle fragrance like this and be full of temptation.The beautiful recollection is violent to burn in his heart, it combustion apply color to reach a boy ever can not the feeling Wu arrive.It is like his body and lets him cherishes it.When I cherished body, also know loving real meaning.When the beautiful recollection becomes a color to reach a boy song and poem within heart.Loving folk song& mdash in his heart;—It is more emollient and moving.The beautiful recollection jumps joyful have dancing of rhythm again, it is like a famous dancer.

The personality is a kind of lonesome. Personality of lonesome, the woman of personality is in fact a kind of more deeply lonesome. It isn't an apprehensibility of everybody.Much time of personality is mum to realize. Being a woman is very difficult.The woman is different from man.The man experiences a vicissitudes of life, will increase the magic power of personality, but the woman then will be with cuts and bruises all over, the not only spiritual and fine thing will pass, and the meeting facial appearance is distressed.But had no vicissitudes of life, and then lose but tasty and depth, but become mediocre.So doing a woman who have the personality is more difficult. The woman of personality more elephant scenery, the different person will see a different beautiful scenery. The woman of personality, she always stands still over there quietly.You can comprehend as well as ignore a solution, she already doesn't matter.She just waits for appreciating her person quietly and feels pity on her person.Sometimes she will silently hope you and seem to be very apathetic and let you catch to touch not and deeply.Sometimes she will also Chu Chu is so moving, alhave so the side of a little if is unmanned.Can you if work hard thin article, the head quarter discovers many new fellings. Majority of men don't like the woman of personality.The woman of the personality good elephant is a frosty in bearing incarnation.The man always likes that the gentleness shows consideration to, the small bird depends on the person's woman.In fact more time men hope to own two women of roses at the same time.Like white the gentleness of the rose is like water, and then like a red rose of enthusiasm is like fire.In fact each women are a rose, just bloom of time is different from the degree, but a lot of time men are impatient to wait for a woman blooming another rose quietly leave, this is the man's woe, and is that the chemisette is sorrow.If the woman is a flower, I feel that the woman of personality should be a chrysanthemum, light of, You You of, with constant from beginning to end feelings to you, not warmly also not apathetic, just won be soft, soft medium needed you to slowly discover just.The flower of a woman is still a Tan of personality quietly blooms in the lonesome night and only have the talented person of heart the Bi public that can smell her the subtle fragrance of the Pi, so as to catch what she flitted brief United States, but profoundly and memorably. The woman of personality, always give you if namely if the distance left.The talented person, who truely knows to appreciate, can realize distance creation the United States.Through be apart from the woman whom you can see a personality that kind of reserved United States. Don't know the woman of personality actually the United States isn't beautiful.Chinese dream

(Four)The song summit of hill of lies emperor of so is high, because the rare person is different from flat ground, so be trampled, lies ground that lies emperor life in old man's house compares south mountain.Mankind drive lies emperor is in the cross, this isn't the rites landscape is organized to accept a plait, the landscape is confused and hysterical(: )Summit of hill or lightning flash seem to is more solitary and be like God to exhale a bare pet name, 1 grain only of seed, don't need a lies emperor to spend lavishly, the high-speed road of improbity cushion, can not arrive the destination returns to light from the light and returns to love from the love and return to parable from the meat body only only naked invoke, lies emperor just drive light of the police substation concuss an even hippo point to review:The song of this lies emperor very parable, also very abstract.Although is difficult to understand, however the good poem withstands horary Tao to wash.Because the depth is over there.The depth sits quietly and meditates like the summit of hill.But lies ground one dark, long not light of seed.The lies emperor is a lies ground to get generally, long don't grow a beard?In the woods of its beard, the landscape is also organized organization.Isn't environmental protection, don't more not repent, improbity the whole monopolize.Which organization make verb, does the strength of the activity arrive extremity?World so.The lies emperor of lies ground how concuss even?This poem stays enough imagination space to the reader:Police substation.Invite a head to dissipate of a text net at the permanent stability on December 10, 2014:/subject/3714414/After the 《leave the day of thunder Feng 》 view feeling

Grow up, wanted to do what?The grandpa takes newspaper to looking at me.I ah, in the future wait grandpa to be getting older, wait upon a grandpa, accompany you to play in the yard, make what you ate very satisfied, sleep fragrant joss-stick of, body Jian healthy Kang of.The grandpa is wrinkly eyebrows, let go of newspaper, drink to ready to for the grandpa of tea and drinks.Silly kid, you are still too small, ah!The strange grandpa isn't good, but, the grandpa is very happy, ha ha, have no white painful you.

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