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The leaf has already floated to fall with the breeze, the ocean ocean spreads and have a liking for to go to so pleasing, the but again mixs up with just some little Mo to fall.Without extra trouble pick up an one leaf, just know that that also nameds lonesome.Shrink in the corner such as the Quan of I, so infinitesimal, allow horary erosion, have no to return shot of dint. Last night one dream, accompany with shallow sadness, how much return to Xi to make to combine a sky, how much time suffer from suffer from losing, leave at present of, but only have recollection.Stare at a night sky alone, the night of jet-black, Qi fan of sky, imitate a Buddha to want to destroy at any time I.With full intention of the Mo fall to make me decadent, after distressing of cry a voice, but engrave in the brain, record in mind.The recollection of one act act, lightly, very sweet, that the feeling for embeding to quietly bloom. Remember fondly, like a wisp of sunlight, take very shallow sadness, the but again isn't so of sadness.In a dream of I am multicolored, be not enchanted a mind by the breeze, the bridge of dream was still so hard, the smiling face remains so reckless.Don't know when to rise, like to send a mood to these writings for scattering, slice slice word language, run aground in this narrow space.Purely think to no longer touch not painful, can but not know, New Canada Goose Jacket China 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offwhenever midnight divide, the season float to fall in the breeze, everything coming and going still keep difficult to expressly presenting, so true, so touching, remain so painful. A silk cool breeze brushes past, the shadow of luminous bottom faintly discernable, fearing it will fall in pieces, scatter.Worry exhausted such as my it enchants so extensive and diffused at this, no longer reply return.Who would like to dance one for the dream song new China?That in a dream flower blossoms in warm spring, whether can illuminate that to enchant of mind?Can wake most originally true kid's heart up? Push away a window, the sun has already peeped out high in the clouds, the flirtatious sunlight kisses cheeks and imitates Buddha everything like that flashy unreal image, positive drive sunlight slowly dilution.Suddenly, a tears slide from the canthus, is warmth, also new hope.All the way

Sometimes sometimes, the Gu body considers to only lose, this present life perhaps difficult show country.The book of time immemorial is only thin to read, difficult look for several gentleman shows country.The early times cloud and mist seems to be now, and then has a few good reputations to spread.Billionaire ground Ba how follow years to all lost fall again.Posterity a few bosoms first generation, how difficult idea for anticipating a group of soul is.What Be only consider, the strange notions is historic to still have He.

Take children to study the text 《want to rain 》 together today friend from the same age to definitely still remember:"The small white rabbit bends the body on the hillside to cut grass, New Canada Goose Jacket China 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offthe weather is stuffy, small white the rabbit started to keep body to stretch to stretch oneself.The small barn swallow once flew from his head, the small white rabbit loudly shouted:"Barn swallow, barn swallow, why do you fly so lowly?"The barn swallow side flies a side to say:"To rain the air is very damp ……" in those early years we closed a book pour carry on the back if the sentence flowed didn't thought of that I still decreed by destiny to relive after more than 30 years, but I already from a not the kid of An current affairs become a kid's king and become the kid's parents from the parents' kid, the children childishly study a hanging up to have me is fine of memory.70 empresses of although we can not compare with the kid in nowadays what all enough, we have already belonged to their our own fine things:Self-made chicken hair the shuttlecock, a few pebbles, is all toy that we see to do a baby;On chasing very sour wild mulberry, an of the fruit candy absolutely is delicious to us.After school, go toward the village head to the small schoolbag that the sheep's tripe towel do Zao tree fork ascend on putting, draw a few blanks on the ground, start letting us happy but forget and return of game.Until wake up to just think of that schoolbag tomorrow morning, hurriedly run very fast under the old Zao tree, luckily still just, otherwise I wait for my punishment also and now I to children of"ruthlessness".Slightly turn over lesson to open originally and backward, 《is small white rabbit and small ash rabbit 》, 《 the small house lizard lends tail 》, 《 the crow drinks water 》 still still just, after more than 30 years again see they let I pretty much regrets, time always unconsciously and in a hurry but lead.Don't know that the children arrive 40 many year old whether is similar to me to still decree by destiny accentuation, that is they will what kind think again what.I really appreciate those fine thing companions, I spent that pure age and hoped children and my similar good luck of my zero zero empresses.The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3713859/Mother-in-law(two)

The city once walking is more many, more can feel that the of city and city has many dissimilarities and homology.No matter person how of live in the city, study, the works all have to have tremendous confidence to the oneself and win difficult decision.The self-confidence is successfully the second door& mdash;—Bring the person the confidence for always climbing high peak.Life in fact be——11 high peaks.We want to want to attain summit of hill smoothly and see top of hill beautiful scenery, so we will insist of climb more.The self-confidence brings person& mdash;—The will that outstrips others brings me the confidence and persistence for wanting to struggle to descend forever.The dead hour always brings a person to imagine and brings the person the inspiration and brings a person for endless wise time.But I hardly carry on a writing on dead hour dead hour.I carry on time of writing all generally at 21:50& mdashes;—23:00.Isn't clear why choose at time like this carries on creations, probably because this time is the prime time of creations.Can always feel in the mind while carrying on creations the writing brings a person of inspire, be like a rose quiet quietness of open, be like light drizzle to lightly float to fly on dead hour.Inspire how I walk the good life of each ?Every frustrate that greets life road, every time opportunity.The opportunity can meet but can not beg.Life of each is very importance and is precious.When I involuntarily like the city of modern living, discover that this city brings the person a kind of hard working spirit that struggles upward and the intelligence of the cleverness.This city competition is equally huge, probably than the competition of Peking is still big.At competing to live in the big city will make people know to walk good life more of each , walk each a moment of good life, just can embrace each other fine future with the Xia light, this city makes me like——Like last dawn.Can always listen to good to listen music before down, be like a cup coffee to let people small and soft tasty, be like quiet lake water, aquatic fish in the lake is in the visiting around of freedom.These music usually starts to reach the life of childhood time.I like to listen to broadcast, like to listen to a dawn of radio station of Buddha mountain 24:00& mdashes;—06:00 music programs, like to listen to satellite broadcasting in Guangdong a dawn 03:00& mdashes;—06:00 of lightly sing·It is shallow to talk.These music and music column eyes can always bring me easy, happiness and the United States of enjoy, are also these music and music column eyes to keep company with me to spend one and other endless dark night.The endless dark night makes me don't feel standing alone, but feels a kind of happiness.

I decide that the story that write army camp is also seeing finish 《I am the special kind soldier& mdash;—The last bullet is after staying to me 》 me to see the small Chuang write seedling connect leave a brigade, seedling connect of the facial expression be like me to at the beginning see the leader of class retiring from the army homing moment in the army camp organization dining room.Include hot tears in his eyes, he is to have a passion for troops.The troops give him a lot of wealths.He loathes to give up to leave army camp, iron beats of the soldier of silver dish flowing water, always having a day like this will also greet me.Am I more clear to take off to keep company with his three years of olive green to mean to a soldier what?Three years of army camp career, he didn't carry out the ideal of testing the military school, he took this regret to leave troops.I also pour on the road of testing the military school.His life will be new, the new challenge is waiting for him.When I again write old leader of class, I can not attain mind equanimity.At the same time is also make me continue really love to make the mind touched the power for writing down.Walk into city, let the oneself know to a person who truely knows success and failure, will forever of pursue, work hard to still want continuous study just can let to succeed to stay forever in mind.If we don't pursue, don't work hard, don't study, we can get failure, can not get repay.BE paying an of and result, please don't care to harvest too much as long as you have already paid, New Canada Goose Jacket China 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offthe result will have naturally of, only a concept, harvest much and little.The red day is from the horizon ascension rise, the bright moon hangs high up in the sky, everything livings the time of working properly the rest, alone an individual quiet quiet arrive at a bright moon bottom.Hope bright moon emanation to come out light ray of light, be like a warrior that is executing duty.His using justice is protecting motherland and the people's peace.It be full of the ray of light of justice on the warrior body.The ray of light of justice tightly and around on him.When the body of warrior constitutes human body the Great Wall, any perilous, the frustrates can not make him retreat and only make him be getting more stubborn, that is value with real warrior.

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