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Is unwilling to part, I sent to walk this year, 2014 Chinese New Year.The Hu Lun swallows Zao, also don't know the taste in year, the year had no. Think of the year of childhood years very much.Every day the nest is in the home and have a meal, watch television, sleep lazy feel, see a writing to keep diary, dress to stretch hand, rice come to Zhang Kou, carefree, freedom comfortable, very interesting.Year after growing up, completely not the ability is independent, not is to walk to visit friend in person, be rush through feeling to drink, everything can not decline, the each and every item can not be absent, all in the reason.Hope the year of head for a year, although don't work of fetters, is not easy either, alcohol, bill, rush about, hunger, chill and nap, become a keyword.Really think, keep the children company every day, cook a meal, take a shower for them, play together with them, sleeping.But isn't ability every day. Think of the year of country very much.The every family chimney smoke curls up, door the door is in brief vigorous, eat 1:00 in the morning, then prepare regiment rice for year, the favour lives greater half for sky and carries ten major bowls, there is meat containing fish, have been already steamed and cooked, green vegetables essential to have, the salted vegetable prohibits and seats at table, the meal has good, once the firecrackers put, the adult kid rounds and sits 1 table and drink of drink, pour beverage and pour beverage, very not happy!New Year couplet and spirit guarding essential to have, the New Year couplet is what oneself makes, oneself who have writes and have of ask person's generation to write, have to stick out before having rice in year, the spirit guarding is generally Qin Shu Bao and Wei late respectful, can not stick anti-.The most interesting is New Year's Eve, stew vegetables to float joss-stick, the spring plays in the evening, had been guarding till 12:00 A.M. and drill a front door to let off firecrackers and greet new year of arrival.The beginning is one morning, the descendants have to start to want greatly and early and give to depart from this life first the generations visit grave, then once came back early, lead early eat generally is noodles and stew vegetables.Finish eating breakfast go to string door, the all families makes New Year's visits to say hello and make longer an inside short.Very not be used to the year in the city, person in the supermarket crowded person, Sale Discount Canada Goose Hybridge Outlet Onlinebuying the thing has to line up a very long brigade, the street gets on the car to get a car and run about the most inconvenient, the night of the New Year's Eve surprised thunder resounds through an ear window repeatedly, hard go into sleep, residents small area, marry funeral marriage, Gao Da's theatrical stage, is also rare hospice. Father says to celebrate the New Year in that he don't come to city any further and fought very and suppressed panically, very not orientation.I again ever be not? Has 365 days for a year, if being each were all very tired, oneself would be not happy, can not bring other people a happiness, either, what is the so on the hoof meaning actually?Tomorrow will go to work and started for new year of busy, hope that we can program well, confidence good, do more some affair that oneself's happiness also lets other people's happiness.My sorrow, you don't know

I should with how of the carriage see you at prosperous gradually cold street whole body of the breeze come together the professional walks of road up those acquaint with to is still with unfamiliar partition to put on in the life don't drop of sceneryThe love exaggerated drive the breeze fall to the ground a Bin English the season eventually will start having by the most beautiful time who will say breeze will vanish the United States with beautiful head yes the cool thin breeze fondles through that year of the things of the past changed of shape romantic cloud spreads all stories are to seasonally allow of no to stay that isn't a breeze of heartlessStand the horary ferry station being the best to answer criticism one to the your remembering fondly don't the feeling sweep how many inebriate a person of attractive fall the dust of Dang of drama the diary aforetime my facial appearance if not in your memory that in your loveYour love is tored wound at the moment by this desolate breeze time and time again of I only write to be full of an old poem line to read the time that breaks for pleasant breeze inch for your reading in this writing hence is newer with timeHave no dint time hope not at is that lighting to be just colourful Jian history have already drawn you of the bright and beautiful pure shallow tone Man lead heart that is can touch of warmth I of the heart sound is scattered at season of lintel in the doorLet this breeze comply with the surrounding to take some Mo color to tell you the shadow to remain I can not may break Jean sees of vision's turning over to open new one page that isn't the address that is gobbled up by the breezeThe growth that is solitary grows up mutually to hope

Person this lifetime can hardly let go of in the past, I tried a lot of time, had been all being banding together to hesitate. This time, I is since pen name, since blog of. I don't know what the meaning that do like this is, just wants to forget some matters that don't want. If is previous, I promises a choice to go out distant journey or goes to the unfamiliar place to go to work, think all nearby is a stranger will be a little bit pleasurable, or in the unfamiliar place, probably will forget a lot of matters.All just discover afterwards, originally current social intercourse platform not at nearby, but on the network.So, I forget to pass by since network this time. This is a very difficult process, for I an a fondness for writing to say, wrote on the previous blog a lot of, say to let go of to still is really a difficult matter.Seem oneself devotes to make greatest efforts to bring up of a kid, finally want to give up him similar, can always feel heart at drop pain with similar blood. However, if is previous while falling into infinite logjam or pain and sufferings, if the life can not solve, rather clear cut the general, entirely put calculate, the pain is also painful happy, pain of sprinkle Li. Probably I am a heartless person such as what friend says, or is a person whom the solitude comes home, my world, sometimes only have my a person. So-called responsibility, natural affection, love, these ideas like family,etcs are baffling of too long, I the meeting entirely let go of.Because I connect my own lives all lead not good, return how go to and discuss those emperors but hall it of affair? Probably a lot of persons all say to is a man, be live for other people consider, being a loving person but.In fact these words I just discover, purely talk idly now.If you live well, you have ability to is responsible for for circumferential person, you will say like this as well as do like this.If your life as it does also but confusion unbearable, promise that the owners will choose evade or from attend to. So, today of I no longer consider that who I am isn't considering I why but live, I just want to pursue the life that I look forward to. A person, a shoulder bag, a book, a bamboo flageolet, a list is anti-, a ticket, an one-way street.Ninth loiterer 2014.12.8Gather difficult don't as well difficult

Exist to the choice of love hard foresee of unsteady factor, it is like a kid's son that just was born, you can anticipate will be what appearance till his future?The writer by chance hears two women chat, "you how have so good destiny, at the beginning your husband Jia didn't°yet that son of mine contain prospect, can your house was a luxury vehicle Hao now building to all have.""Not just the Meng falls."See to Meng's falling an inside be not only only containing pure, simple and excite, on the contrary containing a pair of the life wager is resolute.At present not is have a Zhe language:"Don't be the problem to the problem."Mean:Don't chase a simple problem, solution of more and more complicated.If young man while choosing love, persistently obey the parents' opinion, is that you arrived old also can not find to suit your own love, can with feel with know that the feeling decides.The person's destiny be not at an hour, a day, can see its future for a year, the love marriage is also such, love and marriage of the future need a both the husband and wife person to with one mind join force with one heart construct, struggle, conduct.There is a parable story, brothers 2 people go hunting, they arrive at lake front behind bow and arrow's back.The big wild goose flew to come over at this time, their hurried Zhang Gong took arrows, and the younger brother says:"Elder brother, shoots big wild goose how does eat a method?"The elder brother answers:"Braise to eat."The younger brother says:"I want to roast to eat."Two people not and mutually let to quarrel with each other right away and waited until an opinion unified after, raise head and look big wild goose early be been surprised by the one of quarreling of two of him to fly.The simple story says to release complicated truth:The consideration is more many, lose of the opportunity on the contrary will be more many.This is like in the supermarket to buy an apple, planes around in the apple heap and always thinks that the underneath will have a big apple.The big apple on the result was also picked up by the other people to walk, could regret that the Die is not.So say that the love falling Meng doesn't lose to a kind of choice of advisability.

Someone feels can not care future life, anyway future life we also not know;The behavior that need not care present life as well, anyway the future life don't remember this present life as well.But the life is that the opportunity cause and effect is mutually continuous, we the thought, behavior today, necessarily will become constituting of our mindset, character and society relation factor, directly influence the development of future life.We can think to be responsible for the future life, but have to bear in the future behavior now bring of result.

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