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The home town contains the customs in Gregorian calendar year, the Gregorian calendar year of home town drive day discriminate against at the last page of calendar, have no big year of of pleased joy ebullition, cannot compare with the feeling of Mid-Autumn to think extending far, the mild pure and unadulterated doesn't add to exaggerate, but is a year, the point of painting book the pen of the Jing, before accepting Qi after, necessary. The Gregorian calendar year in the memory is a mother to carry a bowl of last steaming hot dumpling, in forgive her to read and expect to the sons and daughters' leading long.The white wheat flour that remembers that time is take good care very much, busy year of parents change not to return to a bag of solid white face powder.For subsidizing a life, mother in leading to the road side of center in the town open up several Long wastelands, the east took the Tao that the west borrows point buckwheat seed Sa at farmland in, hand over toward summer along with the spring, the autumn comes to the winter, until buckwheat gleaning, just make our whole family have the buckwheat dumpling of this cabbage farcing at the end of the year. Just the buckwheat dumpling of pot was black purple slippery smooth, let people a while will associate the African's skin, then is home and dress of that poor and unproductive don't hide the woman of body.Follow flavor to deeply enter the ray of room to blend the vision of very hungry, get into "black coin" in the bowl to seem to be particularly radiant captivating. Mother after pickeding up a bowl of oblation world first we then can enjoy a delicacies, although the buckwheat dumpling cannot compares with wheat noodles of delicately sweet, the pure fragrance companion of that light cabbage farcing wears buckwheat special mud breathing, good enough to with Di Xiang those eat not satisfied stomach in difficult day of living.Is prosperous into the dumpling in the bowl be like pole wily loach, stupid of the chopsticks basically can not be ten it wet slippery body, we have to the mouth toward a bowl follow the son stir the import to it in.Some times because is greedy, haven't waited to chew a taste, already slippery enter belly inside.Looking at we are choked by the Qiang of a stare of appearance, the mother copies to begin smiling of a strength son to remind in the part:"Is slowly!Is slowly!Isn't hasty!Still have in pot, stay for you." Turned an eye to pass by for more than 30 years, the new floor of row upon row in the city area replaced a damaged site to break mural brick building, the household-use equipments of small car and upscale intelligence also walked into usually the common people's fence, the buckwheat dumpling of that cabbage farcing son end enemy however the attack of pork white wheat flour and multifarious western dining, finally a silk in the brain deep place the memory was also subjugated. Until one day, the son sees buckwheat in the television program decline three Gao, often eat beneficial.Then fight to make to want a buckwheat noodles plain wheat roll to eat.Pertinacity however, hence buy it at the supermarkets.Suddenly thought of the buckwheat noodles dumpling in childhood on the road of coming back, then bit a plain wheat roll to taste inside taste, just chewed several bottoms, then felt that there being a soiling gamey smelling son that wasing hard to cover up following throat and infusing is full nasal cavity, letting people vomiting can not say not to get, like this have been containing in, arrived a family have never swallowed as well bottom.Medicine joss-stick afloat gossip village

The all saying woman is like clothes, brothers such as brothers, in fact in my eyes all similar, all of friendship and loves are lives indispensability ofCompanion& rdquo;.I care friendship very much, each friend gets along with very diligently, I disregard very much againFriendship& rdquo;, For whichever not enough with place ofFriend& rdquo;, I will avoid but far of.Make friend in fact is a words, MICHAEL KORS Pave Chain Link Toggle Bracelet:Need the heart in order to wait for of F person.Treat other people with attitude and way of treating oneself, believe that affirmation will harvest matchless and precious friendship.But have a words have to say, isn't all people all Be worth your paying sincerely, don't for the sake of an unworthy friend but discommode oneself, because that isn't the true friendship.

15, turn:The person's whole life, the person who envies is a lot of, but don't enchant oneself.The beauty that the life only comes out, there is no etc. coming out of brilliancy, sky again high how again, Dian rise the toe can approach sunlight more.Keep a young heart, is a simple person, even if the life is impermanent to also coolly face.Keep a bright heart, is an optimistic person, even if the years rolling by can also smile of sing.

Afterwards according to my grandpa's description is new China hereafter construct of iron pagoda, as for the use of tower does what, why want to set up iron pagoda in the village of home town, and don't set up in the another village, the grandpa is also ambiguous unclear, so have already known a half solution to the affair of iron pagoda.Become to solve in my heart don't open of riddle.

The Zhen writes moonlight and embraces book sleep.This the havings in the world, I don't want and let go of, MICHAEL KORS Pave Chain Link Toggle Braceletthen set free.Probably, I even the writing also wants to let go of, everything of vulgar life time, I let go of and give up thought and give up desire and give up all, namely heart namely Buddha, until even the heart also let go of, really can attain the non- heart non- Buddha.

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