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"Tea" word tears open and would is "person is between each plant".The busy streets clamors, the strain of the life rhythm, unavoidably let people's nerve stretch tight tightly, flightily annoy rashness.If cloudy spirit fog from warm joss-stick, the green jade leaf fell stretching of Dang from if in, walked into great universe of clear mountain show water, listenned the sounds of nature of "the bird blared mountain more You, the spring swallowed water more pure", or loose big wave repeatedly of the ear side breeze sang, again or, appreciated the hazy artistic conception of one Lian"the landscape mixs after rain if sleep", heart and idea, have already returned to original nature, the soul once washed away dirt just as the tea and drinks, clean and pure.

Wait you to calm down to stay and wait a flourishing snow Yan snowflake to let go of choreographic season for you in the street corner in cold winter you whether see that snowflake inside, MICHAEL KORS Pave Gold Tone BangleMICHAEL KORS Pave Gold Tone Bangledeep tears light(:), , , Is that you far go to the step that the limits of the earth wanders about and start to step I, the worry of all lovely and radiant snowflakes was like a to pay a faraway touching whistle and blow and fall the jade Die that 1 flock fall thick and fast spread full the road of fate, , , wait you to bare in the street corner in cold winter blue sky, the Lin Xun is thin bone of long for a tree branch and to the utmost take off glory, dynasty the empty nest that spoonily look up at and float full snowflake in the sky, the Ai blares and flies and walks of the green bird took distressed worry, , , , ,I run out from cradle to the grave the feet on the prowl of years to remember fondly under the tree the mud that your winter days is in the in the field at the fire red beautiful clouds in like the street corner of remembering fondly of snow wet eye of Ying Ying in cool cold breeze snow in hanging a window and outside bending a month, , MICHAEL KORS Pave Gold Tone Bangle, wait your facial appearance of the dream dream that you do pure and radiant love in the street corner in cold winter a night, I use breath, with heart palpitates to warmth print in the cold month up, your figure reads to think, , , ,Really want that the hand that grasp a snowflake turns beam to wish a Die shadow and flies with your double in the dream, a year the four seasons., , , The step of illusory and faraway fancy can not measure land you, I love of the distance stay and wait for you a have flower the fate for hasing no fruit west breeze sunset twilight of the hope wait you to dissipate of a text net in the street corner head in cold winter:/subject/3713793/The waiting you is in the street corner in cold winter

Send greetings to good friend thousand speeches to send greetings to, the telephone is hard to see your looks.100 think to chat to depend on an idea not clear, and is hard to imagine its your looks.What day toast party again, can certainly the Fang permit into brain cloud.The will becomes friends with a world person and certainly show a share Kun Lun.

I don't like to contend for, don't like to rob, I always say, is my to is mine, the reality is again exquisite irony, doesn't contend for not to rob, is what your will also become other people, the desire cries have no tears, MICHAEL KORS Pave Gold Tone Bangleexperience many, learn the ways of world, the many people designed the road that wants to walk in the future for me, the many people is warned big truth to walk good this road, but reality BE, also really must walk so, fall to bump, on each indocile road follow a heel head, I don't contend for not to rob, not hasty achievement near benefit, in quiet do my own business, that really kept on wanting calmness.

The means all approval, is obvious to all.But must wink ground to looking at, either, hence thoughted of the function of eyelid. Label all agrees, sign signature to call on the paper(the bamboo in ancient times) of label.Therefore together label.Since is all approval, signature naturally obey undoubtedly.Certainly, the righteousness of label is also big different, such as for officer is to sign, descend a hair performance, inferiority then sign, obey approval, but the label means a responsibility. The Lian is put together by allied"Qian" and"Mao"."Mao" points "from empress but go to", like"the person's two Jings pushed after of".Lian means "the both sides of appurtenance body accepts Long at the same time".Lian still cans not gets away from to remind with stipulation("pound") after being "approval", this is aware of self refrain from rash action of effect. Face, face of the righteousness is ancient side now.The original righteousness of face is an above cheek part, be so called face son, used to with red to show a beauty.The noodles is bigger than face, so the modern people care for the face, and call face. Check, "horse" and"Qian" unites and means "the both sides of horse", namely from the status of the both sides observation horse of horse.Lead to state to test for checking completely, . The Lian is a Lian the four tones, then pack the righteousness of Lian-the third Lian is still invalid, namely don't refrain from rash action, wait for by all means being that the dead end is a - the Lian of the four tones. The label is bigger than Jian, a rule of law;The face is bigger than a label is a person to cure. The Qian is all to be established by usage, should aware of self observance;Check is the engagement legalization, enlarge binding force;The label is to up and down all know, announcement performance;The Lian is to request everyone observance, fear to method;The Lian is an illegal don't fear to the end of method.From encourage

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