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The Niang gropes for to ask in a side:His dad, who come?Sky, sky pond house of.!At, where?The Niang is rattled ground to seek my direction.I bend from the waist to let go of baggage, then a grasp her hand, toward them, take profoundly painful, very heavily kept on kneeling:Dad!Niang!I came to take you home!The dad did to cough two times, tears noiselessly from climb the face of full crease upper-class.The An says that the child of An has no white to keep!Niang hands at from rubbing of return of body, then embrace me, tears of line from her empty eye inside hot hot ground the neck that flow into me inside.

This period of time a person in quiet walks, much time nearby connects a persons who can talk all have no, the friend loves for me, but I use light and disappointed once rowed heart of scar, after is quiet choice oneself's acceptance.I think to be in quiet foolish, there is no voice, have no prosperous, don't cheat, don't calculate, don't betray, don't hurt, as well had no joy.I have already again had no dint to contend, wants to be calm to in brief live.When one personal deeply drunk fantasizes in 1 in, he will fantasize this misty of feeling mood, regard as true of wine.You drink to inebriate for of being begging;I drink for of want from don't grow drunk with wine mediumly to wide awake.Always try to evade, evade a negative mind world, paralyze fearing of heart with the wine, the wine is getting fuller, full then overflow, but that overflows run off of exactly whether is superfluous disappointed?I am again full ascend my disappointed, quaff in one gulp recent annoyance recently and not and all quickly!Saying in other people's eyes that I drink is satisfying, can among them sad oneself also only the mental state is playing the drum amount of Dian.Setting up for is unconcerned, along with tipsily paralyze, it is numbness to let oneself look like similar.The wine doesn't inebriate but person from inebriate, worrying the bowel has already without any cause broken to inebriate, there is a kind of voice of blowout while being wine into the larynx, imitate a Buddha despair of sing.

90 there is also heart palpitates, 10 years old still have been already waited for, the other people's etc. for seeing his/her own smile, own heart palpitates for making the other people know warm voice, the smile can have no words, the voice can be silent, the words can let other people's feeling know a lifetime, silent can raise the other people's confidence, during a lifetime can walk much flection, the confidence can come out his/her own future, the flection can make oneself grow up, in the future can show oneself hope, growth can get much experience, hope to harvest more reading, experience tells us how start, reading tell us how smile and silent.

Give the private owner do a part-time job church importance of person time, discipline of importance.Ever when the company went to work, is five minutes late, would fine money 5 dollars, but is five minutes late for private owner's part-time job and then become the performance of disrespect industry.The private owner sees the result benefit to time and sees a result rate.Efficiency& mdash;—Time.Efficiency& mdash;—Wealth.Fight for a minute of precious time and then will create efficiency for her.It is the most important to still have 3:00, that is to have to be quick, thin, be good friends with.Three of perfect combine just can make the owner feeling satisfied, so as to make the owner trust you, so as to make the owner give you more worthy work dry, even have the work stem to challenge sex, this is the advantage that is respect-work and brings, this is the wealth that is respect-work and brings.The person wants to learn to bear with and learn strong, academic association independent, academic association find out a successful method in the predicament, that be——Continuously foster the diligence and intelligence of oneself.This 2:00 is to do a part-time job for private owner the most important.The diligence can make you learn a skill, the intelligence can let your life fly in the diligence.This city lets flying of my a little, the knowing of a little is to the value of the oneself.Could not find the value place of oneself while just getting to this city, breakthrough could not find to fly, this process and time that needed an orientation.After a month of orientation, a work of month, find out the value of oneself, find out to fly of breakthrough.Had while just getting to an unfamiliar city many inconvenient, manily didn't adapt to, because to the work environment, work of the properties were all unfamiliar.We want to adapt to this work in the city very quickly and study, life style.The time that is unfamiliar have to not have terrified mental state, have to not have timid of mental state, timid of mental will make you keep off a target and keep off the ideal that you have to carry out.

Need not speech, just hope to have one Jian vegetable the good time tidy up the grain of the passing years clear and looking at time to far go, I am nerveless to compensate those have something to do with youth of redeem, slowly discovering that I am unexpectedly to so fear a purpose, ever thought that all final outcomes could draw last period of a things of the past, but happily made track for is to the circulating desire, change, become not at expect each story would have a final outcome, was also likely to be too many things go contrary to one's wishes will I of sadness always the inhumation is in the recollection, once thought the power that each ideal would be a life road to come forward a line, MICHAEL KORS Pave Rose Gold Tone Barrel Pendant Necklacea setback of time let I of the expectations are no longer so high, started enjoying that all the way exquisite scene in the process, also started seeing thin all success or failure fame and wealths of to cool, life head quarter at a certain every moment realized suddenly, had better be once out and out of failure.

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