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Be placed oneself to Qingdao& ldquo;54 square& rdquos;, MICHAEL KORS Slim Runway Double Wrap WatchLook at ocean landscape, listen to the petting that the big wave voice bellow, enjoy sea breeze, the mood is particularly pleasing.54 square& rdquos;Mark sex to carveThe breeze& rdquo in May;, With shape and fire of the breeze of spiral ascension red color, well embodied54 exerciseThe patriotism keynote of anti- emperor, anti- feudalism and make open the race strength that the Teng rises.Stand in 2008 Olympic Games sailing boat contest center, the international community national flag orderliness stands up like a forest two sides, the Jing ensign hunts, solemn solemn and peaceful, it make people arise spontaneously esteem.

I often ask myself, the meaning of life exactly is what, always feel experienced to walk in, the youth has already slipped away from the feet bottom and doubts whether own youth all has been already wasted.I know to falsely don't waste, the youths can't stop over, MICHAEL KORS Slim Runway Double Wrap Watchalways should have a proof and prove that you are on the hoof, prove this world you come to lead.

——Because the recollection can not re-appear to be thus fine, those people's waiting until old age thou their he or shes is sparse to take out to recall slowly taste, is also one big happy event.

Pot inside the universe is big, the years in cup is long.Hold an azure stone flower language, a warm current follows the grain of center of palm of hand to slowly flow to drip, although have never drunk, also smooth Mou, warm heart.See smoke curling up in the air Nana, is a flowering tea to unfold weak if visit silky breathing, MICHAEL KORS Slim Runway Double Wrap Watchagain such as confused current affairs of whirling, shear continuously, reason still disorderly, but finally float aery boundless, can not stand a to shear pleasant breeze to lightly kiss but spread, seamless vestige.Only, the fragrant Ming in the cup is more elegant more the Cheng is clean, also more Xin joss-stick.Chase an ancient plain heart, MICHAEL KORS Slim Runway Double Wrap Watchtogether with the country years, superficial 3,000, together toss at inside, thin article, slowly swallow, enjoy in retrospect, chase the passing years of dashing discomfort, drink quiet water have no wave, seethe disturbingly noisy life time elephant, drink chilly and quiet, this it could be a kind of Chan certainly practices moral teachings.

Don't always complain that oneself gives birth to at poor people house and always thinks if have a dad who is rich to have power should have much good.Envy very much those enriching is two, rich, there is car, there is building, there is MM, money is a rich generation and gives of, car is rich the generation buy, building is rich the generation set up, nearby of the MM is mostly public, the brothers is used to sell, MICHAEL KORS Slim Runway Double Wrap Watchthe friend uses to eat meat and drink, the patrimony finally uses to hurt, only standing alone is true;But you, there is most at least also will to fight.Also not want to envy those be an officer to have power, they of day also not lead, intrigue against each other every day, have to also worry oneself that handed over chair and be robbed by the other people to, lane not still have to go in to drink gruel, easy?Comprehending can order.

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