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Being not living must be not good, was an in the mind to hide too many Zheng Rongs and sometimes feel very tired, very exhausted, Michael Kors Bedford Flap Crossbody LUGGAGEreally want to stop to stop and rest to dwell for rest in the ferry station of life, but never believe that this world has the man's shoulder to can depend of live, having the man's breadth of view can depend on forever, there is the man's face canning be your joys Yan forever, if there is the man's family, can open for you forever, this capricious thing in the world is too many, the heart isn't ground not painful oneself will keep own very of Fan, oneself holds own very of direction, failure fall a dozen of aches are the best growths, disturbances' to the utmost sprinkling is a vital way, sometimes hate very much, why is I me.

The statue of Buddha early knows the result is similar to moderately toward me to say:From love past living sorrow, Michael Kors Bedford Flap Crossbody LUGGAGEfrom love past living Bu, if Be left to love, as well have no Bu without the sorrow.Finally, Buddha for letting I Wu bodhi, accepted to walk my lotus leaf, change magically me into an among those wisps of man 100001000 green silks, have been keeping company with him. (The beautiful text appreciates http://www.duanwenxue.com/)

Grandmother says that the place name of her natal home is Ma Lian Dun, wave Shan-li in thou, all full with on the yonder hillside everywhere Ma Lian, the spring summer stanza, all of all over hills and countrysides are lotus horses of blue ones Ying Ying).Grandmother picks 4 to grow long leaf in the hand and adds together towards folding, Michael Kors Bedford Flap Crossbody LUGGAGEeach other first and do a very small base, greenery up and down turn over to fly along with that root, different meeting, the center of palm of hand of grandmother's coarseness inside will appear a verdant lovely of pony Ju, grandmother still uses the small wood rod puts on four very short legs for pony Ju, puts on the ground to by hand push to walk and teases a few little grandsons for fun.

The life is like arrows, the time is like bow.But this life beginning is like the arrows that takes off Xian, gradually and far go, turn eye disappearance in the passing years.She sees children have already grown up an adult, also see oneself go along with the old time, the facial appearance is no longer.Her back starts to be bent, she starts feeling cold in the night, and she even starts canning not remember clearly some matterses.She truely feels that she is getting older, leg feet disadvantageous Suo, don't want to move.Particularly is in the old companion in last year cold winter in after leaving, she once also ground teeth persistence and old companion to walk at the park.He didn't then also lose all power at her at present.

The professional enters deck hole on the way and discovers a line of powders wall Dai tile house, is lived to halfway up a hill in, three noodles green mountains encircle, the in front is a built-up terraced fields.House, green mountain, Cui bamboo, green tree, terraced fields, one is natural to live in the mountains a somebody else of water mountain appearance.Hence, everyone gets off a station aloft and Be taking photo and appreciating out of this world Taoyuan scene.Although, leaving inhabitant's more than 100 riceses is far, still keep disturbing the host's watchdog, spread Wang Wang to far call, scold a voice to the dog's drinking with host.Verdant vegetables Qi in the distance inside, there are 12 Shis lane the figure of the vegetable, indifferent, leisurely, quiet Mi, pleasing, the Chong overflows among them.This lets"have no less proper vulgar rhyme, sex originally loves Qiu mountain" people, the Tu envied of feeling.Once teacher says, this place and mao old Shao mountain blunt likeness in house, is one geomancy treasure ground, if door before is opening up a pond, more rich poetry.

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