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I in the middle of really loving to move mind write into a supervisor frequently.She is like similar care to elder sister elder sister and concerns us.When she leaves a blue hotel, we all flow the tear falls water& mdash;—At that time true tears.We all give frequently the elder sister's mind rise a bridge of love.We love deeply her, she also gives the bridge for rising love of our minds.Frequently the supervisor gives our love a lot of, but the that time can not feel and realize.At present in the protrait love move mind just truely realize her give our love.When while I am writing to arrive frequently a supervisor to leave a blue hotel, I also write into scene for manager Tian to leave blue hotel.He is the model that every employee of us studies.What we see is intelligence, a courage on him and resolute.He is a man of flavor who has much of a man, a lot of women all like him this type of.He is also the teacher in my dining profession, is that he makes me know a dining, this profession.After he walk our world seems to be for a while to become dark.We at dark of search in the world bright.Nearby have several assistants who get dint at manager Tian, supervisor is among them of a , she is at most also scolded by manager Tian of, is also grow up quickest.Supervisor is take care of a luxurious compartment, the soup supervisor takes care of 2 areas and 3 areas.Who is the supervisor of six area compartments ?I have already not recorded to get up now.The left supervisor also gave me the mind to once exchange sugar.He at pay attention to me am me really don't know.Chang Feng, the left supervisor wants to promote you to the position of headwaiter in half year.It is small brave to quietly say.I can feel to get.The left supervisor also gives the bridge for rising love of my mind.The left supervisor once scolds me as well, he scolded me to also hope that I grow up.

Today I and usually similar the Du following behind a Buddha turn the pilgrim of friendly intercourse, evening of time, form a continuous stream a ground of pilgrim to become sparse empty in temples, proper oneself prepares to have a conversation with Buddha of time, the door outside walks into a facial expression English show, gentle and cultivated, double eyes as pond deep, be dressed in green Shan, tie to deliver tail of youth man.I looking at the in front that he step by step walks to the me and the Buddha, then kneel in the in front of me and the Buddha, for myself the beloved woman prays.Probably my destiny starts to be confusion in this a moment and waits for emphasizing to lately arrange in order.I looking at over blessing of his Qi to turn round to leave of figure, the heart is in this a moment and threw to lose.

The part-time job is in fact study and struggle of road.The part-time job is a poem, it beauty but again express feelings.The part-time job is a song, it is moving and tactful.The part-time job is the most beautiful poem the most moving song in the mind.The part-time job makes me know to face rains and winds but up.The part-time job will make my thought more steady heavy, more mature, stronger, Michael Kors Bedford Flap Crossbody SURF BLUEknow academic association to bear with more, academic association with lonesome is companion.The part-time job makes me know to challenge and knows and exists and then pays.Paying don't fear the road of at present difficulty and rugged life, don't fear time that didn't take a rest and do time of other affairs.The part-time job is existence, for living comer is struggling, not for enjoy happiness since then.The part-time job wants to learn at difficult period in hold the mindset of good oneself.Is the most decisive for this period of time, its church how do you truely fly?Fly to need three cents intelligence, seven cent courage.Fly to need to be not afraid of a bitterness, not afraid tired, not afraid frustrate, Be not afraid of critical spirit.Only being not afraid of a bitterness can let the youth send forth ray of light, can let the youth dance move, can make the youth abundant and colorful, can let the youthful song be getting more moving and resolve to succeed for person more of power.This everybody in the city's seeming to be all is seeking a balance point for oneself.This balance point is in fact the method that we greet other people's irony and misunderstanding.Our everybody was misunderstood of time, Michael Kors Bedford Flap Crossbody SURF BLUEyou should completely treat her with a common mindset at this time and only have so then you can the track of better confidence life road, the ark of life road, of the life road road clear light.Of the life road road the clear light in fact see an oneself how to go to and choose and walk that the good life road is on each one-step correct road.The time that chooses life road should consider from the strong or weak of your real strenght.If your real strenght is suitable to walk road like this, you will stand out on this road.When you choose false road, can send an oneself toward dark road up.The road of life needs a mind to protect, the mind develops.The road of life like this would be more fine.The life lives in the time in the predicament, willing not be enchanted by the at present predicament should pursue and struggle of road, should pass the predicament that the intelligent intelligence comes out now.The road of life goes to career rains and winds in the head quarter, the head quarter experiences rainbow.While coming, the rains and winds face rains and winds before go, let the rains and winds become push the aureole that you head for life the other shore, let the rains and winds become your friend, become your teacher of life road.When rainbow comes, let rainbow become to push the weapon that you fly more.Rains and winds let it be, rainbow let it be, Michael Kors Bedford Flap Crossbody SURF BLUEif the person loses confidence to equal the light of hope have been already put out——The life will be that the one is dark.The person can not lose confidence no matter in what kind of circumstance.Have never lost confidence to equal don't lose a hope.Hoping has never lost a person to there is struggling power and decision.Will not be vanquished by the oneself, it is incapable performance to be vanquished by the oneself, so what kind of environment the bottom all is going to win to be the whole to obstruct you to head for a successful megalith.Let the light of hope, the light of confidence, the light& mdash of real strenght;—Companion I go together all the way.

Smoke flower, very beautiful!Especially the smoke flower in Chinese New Year, bloom a smiling face piece under the night sky of the navy blue.You are like a smoke flower, after the other people's in the mind left a deep impression, disappear without a trace.

"More true"'s makesing selective check pit actually will let individual relevant item report more really recently, medium set the department representative director accepted reporter's interview, developed to make selective check to check solid work to answer that the reporter asked.(New China net on December 6)do any work all afraid"trueer"s.This time win set department leadership staff individual relevant the item report is to select a staff to make selective check to check one of the solid contentses, must say, there is good earthquake Zhe function.After all from May, 2010 up to now, at 《concerning leadership the staff reported the individual rules concerning item 》 set after four years, finally show people to is really realistic the 《rules 》 to slice applied get up.Although just starting point, the writer thinks, so making selective check of"more true" check to actually bring of not only only is a staff to know the last change, more will to formely the idea creation of some inveteracies impact.From 《rules 》 set, because the direct didn't keep up with, all levels staff while declaring an individual concerning the item at will sex very big, the reports what, how report, usually is all report oneself said calculate.Lead a staff is also carrying on a report annually, can originally inspect daily behavior of officials and reflect he/she includes property and family well raising of the true circumstance Cuo, but don't develop a real results.Why will appear this kind of phenomenon?The writer thinks that on the other hand the understanding still exist a problem;On the other hand the public mechanism is still not perfect.To public, the staff's income, property circumstance and daily behavior are publicly shoulded be an ordained in nature matter, but due to concerning the privacy or other aspects the public understands the staff's"wealth" usually mostly it"fall a horse" empress.As long as appearing to be greedy for Fu member, everyone will use to have color glasses to treat all government functionaries.In fact, this is extremely disadvantageous to improve a dry cluster of relation of parties.This time win set department make selective check to check solid individual relevant item report to bring into one of the condition of promoting the staff, not true because of declaring to those, the staff who make to falsely forge comes to say and undoubtedly knocks to ring a Jing clock.New of staff individual in a year relevant the item declare a work to prologize, prevent°fro to declare the work "once walked field", writer's thinking , from the center to place, should like summary this year make selective check pit actually win problem, good experience and method of detection, block up loophole one by one up, expand experience strongly, thus push declare a work to have a preface to push forward, develop, Michael Kors Bedford Flap Crossbody SURF BLUEit should have a function.(: )The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3713692/《Lend 》

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