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A time of soft United States writes years to be suffused with a yellow chapter and still remembers, that unexpected storm, let ever the flower blossom thriving heart, overnight, trample upon of battered, that rain, lay waste farm land, lay waste house tile, lay waste to float to living, but could not lie waste concerning the loving memory....Many people to lead, Michael Kors Bedford Flap Crossbody Whitethe many people once walks, Michael Kors Bedford Flap Crossbody Whitethe many people was stayed memory in, those collect as treasure heart bottom of, not wish touch of, those mutually guard to mutually know and all wake up from dream in each one of divide, quietly wake up....

Along with the horary passage, I gradually grew up, so many in the last yearses, I have been growing up under care of mother's very considerate, until oneself is like a young bird, the gradual academic association flies.The mother's love is the sweet dew that a sky declines, moisten my heart.Mother's love is one eye pure spring, wash to go to me spiritual wound.The intravenous drop in the life small matter, in other people's eyes insignificant, can not represent at all what, but in my heart, be like trickle small stream to gather to become a mother's love that can not replace, Michael Kors Bedford Flap Crossbody Whitea necessary mother's love, an unselfish mother's love.The mother's love is like water Mo history, Hun however natural, leave a delightfully fresh nature.The mother's love is like warm spring breeze and blews away the haze ever and brought a sunlight bright and beautiful.The mother's love is like a song of deep feeling, sweet and floating, leave profound touched.Mother's love, be from I in childhood all the way concomitant joke of Ying Ying.The mother's love is 1 wisp of the deepest my soul place to tie down.

Is it may be said that the ozone is smoked sky of, dies inside the toilet Ji one, it happened that unfortunately, on the ventilated window of the minuteness of toilet, cold winter here, the stub stub new leaf climbs a wall but up, the green new bud reversed season transmigration of soul and why not grew in the earth, but chose to grow to often say at peopleBe getting more stinkyBut have to go to again of toilet?

This poem once had one 《Chang poem 》 of answering to the name of separately, idea at express a poet to territory change of helpless, and blundered away the regretful feeling of good marriage to oneself.Still remember like this a classic stage dialogue says:"Once there was love to put in front of me, but I didn't cherish, until lose after, just repent the past Mo and.The business of the human life most painful, nothing is better than and hereat."BE ha, the life passes like flowing water, in a hurry but die.Many people, a lot of matters all floats to copy the sort of Ping Zong such as that, gradually the time dissipation is in the dust of journey of years, we can hold tight of, really and not much, but then will be the missing that can not make up from cradle to the grave once missing, because of, the time is no longer.

Today again ascend the building of Guan Qiao, scan widely ten thousand inside river mountain show.Strong Tang Xiong Feng now where, the setting sun still shines on ancient ferry station.The iron cable connects the boat river bank Jin bridge, calmly heroic term crazy big wave.Still think to set up a bridge person up to now, cloud water diffused fog is aery.The daytime depends on mountain to the utmost and drowned big Tang prosperous, the yellow river goes into ocean current, Michael Kors Bedford Flap Crossbody Whiteflowed to go to historic romantic feeling.Look back:Yellow river sky, the Guan Qiao building head, that is clinging don't spread of roseate clouds, isn't a most beautiful Psalter?

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