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26, past, there is a porcelain and ceramics rabbit, that rabbit fancied little girl, still just she nearby looking at her dying.That rabbit swears to can't make the mistake of falling in love with the person any further.But you answer me, Michael Kors Clutch iPhone Wallet Case LUGGAGEthere is no love, story how with happy coda

Tonight, and let I am in one"do not forget me" of cup' cloud Ya water side, the previous incarnation that remembers me old dream, engrave the taste of recording this moment, any fragrant Ming, the half goes into loose breeze, half go into Chan.

One dream of Lian You hides exquisite slack of Fang China, comfort and ease of commutation will you I neglect, prosperous later on cherish to always seem to be so those who believe and follow the seer, the career is probably mature required, but this words didn't imagine so a commendatory, be those current affairs of benumbed erode originally pure, compromise or brush-off seem to be already to didn't true meaning, half bright and beautiful, Michael Kors Clutch iPhone Wallet Case LUGGAGEhalf sadness, night already deep, a cool breeze, although calculate not ascend how how cold, is let how much idea halt, winter always one make people want to search warm season, the heart drifting on water also wants to own to be an in this season warmly dwell for rest, seem and return to a transmigration of soul, look for to find, fear a kind of point of departure, then be afraid a beginning, from a but eventually of the thoughts and feelings let how much vow obscure, the intravenous drop remits to gather into a chapter and write down a story that doesn't have gorgeous but again most Zhan heart, the development of details can not always have some constant winner's lines like television drama, can not choose, can not evade,the turning into of feeling can be with the graving in of painful Che heart.

Whether really have already destined, your bright and beautiful emergence is my this present life to succeed in escaping however of predestination.At sigh in sorrow of adjust son in, I put on bride's headdress Xia dress again, a time sheds tears to deduce, and a time falls down not to rise.Make fun of water Xiu, in the dusk light, raise the curve of corner of mouth for you, in spite of predestination, in spite of final outcome, have no hatred of smile slightly sweetly.I smell the acclaim and applause of full field, cry a floral face again is one the song is a drama.

Someone loves contented, because love you, he doesn't beg repay, because falling in love with a person is a business of courage with very big demand, don't dislike this again dislikes that of, don't refuse morning he to you of breakfast, because he knows that having breakfast every day is beneficial to body, don't refuse evening class is over he to pick you up, because he knows you afraid black, afraid solitary.If you still don't fall in love with him and so ask you to give him concern between some friends and let him slowly forget this feelings when doing at him is a lot of.But not is make him hate to ascend you.

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