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"Grandmother, Michael Kors Exclusive iPhone 3Gs 4s 4 Wallet Black SnakeEyou see, the flower of outside is very beautiful, Huang Huang of, attractive" sits anterior at me of tie two little girls of small plaits excitedly to flank grandmother yell, "you carefully order, don't be so excited and all have everywhere.""Have I never seen, how the top of hill is everywhere all yes, grandmother, that is what spend""that is the wild chrysanthemum, a chrysanthemum of a kind of, oneself is native, arrived this season annually, as long as having the place in the land and then will appear, don't need the other people water for it to apply fertilizer of, see, the nobody takes care of it and also grow so well" what grandmother smiled happily says, ", so severe."The little girl seems concussion more, eyes have been hoping the wild chrysanthemum out of the window, is full in eye is astonishment.Yes, wild chrysanthemum appears in addition to not in power, in the present raging river of cars and trucks, in the many-storied building, Michael Kors Exclusive iPhone 3Gs 4s 4 Wallet Black SnakeEand then how can appear?Does the little girl how can realize its existence again?I unavoidably feel a burst of sadness, will the wild chrysanthemum be forgotten by the people of this world?

Walks with winter more near, more expect in warm spring a flower to blossom.I sow in cloud inside to the name, so a burst of cold breeze will turn and make snow and fall later on, one one like white butterfly.I know the life like this is weak and brief, but musts say, either is the most fine gorgeous.I sow in cloud inside to the worry, integrity of shelved and forgotten, wait for the moment that the firework blooms, I then start ignition point.I stand in Gao Gao's cloud head and looking at a bright slide and castigate sound of music and song, the tears fall to fall to such as the star.The worry that allows full stomach cuts fly Xu, broken up become the spirit of the gray of an in eyes of the cope of night.

Is sad the life Be free and unfettered to once waste time, should never attempt to much sader.Time gradually only hundred years, wink will the psyche fall.Hence the stick that is thin to hold life, natural and unrestrained and capable degree person's river.Don't want a brain while waiting until a soul to fly to annihilate dry much sader.

Sometimes clearly at nearby of person because there is no common topic, we feel to aren't a person of world with them, some people clearly leave very distant cause for have a common topic even if being separated a long distance will also feel very near, because of thought top homology.

In the fish set boundary surroundings and the district heart, continue to clean up, big river deepen, widen to there have been, and continue to lately open big river.Each big river that lead guest's water has to maneuver a side boundary, make a drop of guest's water not get into a fish set inshore, is all blocked by big river to lead into lake& rdquo;;

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