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Total regiment Take a wide view cosmos aeon, it may be said this undertakings change more.The mankind spread aeon, whole pack again war how many years.How much psyche vapor trail, the psyche dream rounds between the heart.The star of Hao Miao super hundred million, but up to now don't appear in public smoke now.Hence person son should total regiment, probably coexist aeon.Such as if three wars rise now, Er worry I Zha time now.The Earth on the unmanned smoke, the Hao Miao Chang Qiong no longer now.In really the mankind's regret, hence mankind should total regiment.

The cup bewared of to work properly filled up living hard water you will can not bring into an intravenous drop again happy-record-"you happiness?"-" My surname is once."The wrong Xi of the cow head and Ma Zui happiness-(: )The seem one should familiar face of An is unfamiliar and faraway and like to separate a life time of the falsely boundless image of markets and buildings in mirage is similar to exist at the trick in the air can look beyond to may also expect to sometimes even imitate a Buddha can touch can hold to certainly only imitate a Buddha, Michael Kors Extra Large Ashbury Grab Bag Scarletyou held tight but can not last long of Zuan in hand hugging to each other of words a look in the eyes deep feeling one is happy reunion to long separation reencounter a kind of remember fondly and get off the heart a distance hiking to briefly stop over whole life of raise to hope and look back some kind of persistence to make great effort after of arrive one to requite small smallly harvest a from the heartly smile a painful pain quickly cry commitment and trust support and depend on comprehension and tolerate a close relatives to love and be loved....Probably it original at nearby always Chien is simple list of exist but without cause the ground be compromised by the desire be disappointed distort quilt too many of bitterness and pain separate but we already numbness forget actually and really at of the life has luckily or unfortunately blessing or even need without the blessing ego comfort ego satisfy want to believe that the God closes to you a head quarters in the door open a window for you, it can't make you have no one to turn to rich and honored even if honor proud poor people from have poor people of happiness have no who can go to and feel for you bosom wear the heart of thanksgiving face the whole banalities in already will be much a touched you have happy happy reason embrace we already put to open a Zi type be happiness come whether you get ready-head in the door dissipate of a text net:/subject/3714444/Happy moment

The mother is more than once to speak of my name.While just being born clearly foot month, but premature infant, the Lei was weak difficult to keep.The father abandons original surname, only wish my ability is peaceful.Want to abandon original surname in a household of that tradition, not easy, but he would like to try, is him invalidism of daughter.

Be from that night the elder sister calls me to go out and asks whether I would like to leave to start till now, is for a while all to just sleep very late and very late in this period, even usually be suddenly waked up with a start at the midnight, I don't know how to do, there is a period of time, I once had been thinking and persisted is a kind of burden, it is that 1 kind sets free to give up, Michael Kors Extra Large Ashbury Grab Bag Scarletstep on this road, imitate Huang to mismanage, want that stopping isn't next, trails a heavy burden, run about is disconsolate in youth, could not see the other shore, often thoughting of will soon arrive the predicament and difficulties that a year faces, I felt an alignment standing alone of itinerary, fear could not see a perfect final outcome, the date of return could not find more to drift on water, truely felt tired, person of so live tiredly, is because of think too manily.The body is tired not terrible, terrible of is that the heart is tired.Everybody was led long by the others tired, is oneself negative tired of time, only some people will adjust in time, but I deeply sink among them not ability from pull out.Some matters linger around in the at heart and shear continuously, the reason make oneself can not release a bosom, can not wide awake.The heart bands together into a pimple, how can not calmly unfold.The affair of thinking is getting tooer many, but wants to put and cans not let go, while some affairs always flick in my in the mind it don't go, so of antinomy flounder, ask for to deplore greatly continuing.Difficult speech, those are sad could not say any further, have no sleep, the exhausted Ao of body however the Gu of mind, can allow ache to spread, by oneself dissipation.

One etc., beauty your looks, the limits of the earth is difficult to find, the human life doesn't invite and write a flower to blossom in year old life too much, absolute being last placard in the building, Gao Gao at up, dominant a square, smiled one, Chi three boundary hearts, the King of Hell doesn't ask you the life and death, the universe doesn't invite you future, you seek your to set out, the dawn smiles, the overbearing pride walks everywhere in the evening, male Jiu Jiu, the human life is one dream, in high spirits, the earth a square, Michael Kors Extra Large Ashbury Grab Bag Scarletthe finger tip flower blossoms, in a dream you go, this song world is difficult to have, the mirage romantic rainbow bridge, is you invite, fan temple building one person etc., the absolute being has one phrase to write for you, gives fairy river and sets out for you.

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