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6, mail:From cradle to the grave in look for to find, can such and such tacit understanding, have you to have you we unforgettable weekend, be like warm light, illuminated a life, Michael Kors Extra Large Carrington Portfolio Black4 people go, from now on not lonesome forever~

4, close a valley:Originally still have than listenned to teacher's program once endure long hardship more of the affair is etc. his program beginning.(Is not a live television Yao, why is listen to?)

I like in autumn touching light drizzle, it come of then calmness, walk of so of agile, imitating the Buddha is Xu Zhi Mo's"slightly I walked, Michael Kors Extra Large Carrington Portfolio Blackpositive such as I is slightly".It doesn't have rain in summer of thick wildly heroic, there is no spring rain of in succession Rao Rao, it by itself only ice-cold existence.The autumnal rains that thinks of September, because of have no and hide to spread but touch to run into them, or many or little take have already touched a skin of cool idea and continuously graceful and restrained.Lean on a window to listen to rain, Michael Kors Extra Large Carrington Portfolio Blackfall in the voice of the sounds of nature on the ground, always tell this quarterly toward disappointed person's son of fine and happiness, listen to, the autumn is trampling it urgent of the step arrived, like is comforting person's son of worry, yesterday's bad mood early should spread to go, tomorrow of bright and successfully is beckoning with the hand to you.

This poem once had one 《Chang poem 》 of answering to the name of separately, idea at express a poet to territory change of helpless, and blundered away the regretful feeling of good marriage to oneself.Still remember like this a classic stage dialogue says:"Once there was love to put in front of me, but I didn't cherish, until lose after, just repent the past Mo and.The business of the human life most painful, nothing is better than and hereat."BE ha, the life passes like flowing water, in a hurry but die.Many people, a lot of matters all floats to copy the sort of Ping Zong such as that, gradually the time dissipation is in the dust of journey of years, we can hold tight of, really and not much, but then will be the missing that can not make up from cradle to the grave once missing, because of, the time is no longer.

Is thin fog fan Lin Jian of the Man, the hazy poem is similar to can not guess here to hide bottom how much romance.The air was like dilution of lotion, the opposite tree covers with others at light yarn in.

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