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The friend is often forwarded by the good friend in turn of speech program related video frequency occupy, language of the strength seem to be astonishing.Nearby of the person say:This year, you can't deliver a speech, can't clearly express own thought, and the idiocy, fool has no what differentiation.

Friday attend a Gui airtight wedding in the evening, the Gui that is dressed in a beautiful wedding dress was airtight with slightly take a shy bridegroom the wish is at the one slice in formal knot is husband and wife, this wedding noisy but sweet.When the Gui is airtight to be dressed in powder of full dress and bridegroom of the color is ten to mutually button up to the theme song 《we seem to where once see 》 that sings 《we get married 》 double the eyes are opposite, be full of happiness in Noan-noan, is that so moving.The Gui is airtight to arrive at Shanghai to be regarded as to far marry, she finds out that to give her happy person.

The fancy that comes to joss-stick to the night can trace back to till my junior high school ages.Have a very big night at our back of jail house to the joss-stick flower bush, is a female chemistry teacher grows, each time till the evening in summer we a few female classmates then will stealthily hide into to smell after enough fragrance of flower in the flower bush, without extra trouble take off so severals to get hold of seat again the top Be small and soft to appreciate, that fragrance of flower infatuates with the classmate of whole class and likes that very small flower petal most , be really choiceness.

22, last time, beginning snow condescend to come of that day of, I am to the words& ldquo that you say;I want to quickly grow up and want to show you the appearance& rdquo that I become engaging fair lady;, Do you still remember, before meeting you, I don't entertain any hope to the future day and with full intention only complain and dispirited and discouraged.(The short composition learns net www.duanwenxue.com)

Say an in the mind words, the kid of 90 empresses has now how many will wash feet for an old old man?Just, Michael Kors Hamilton Large Logo Tote BROWNjust.Probably I am subjected to daughter's infection, in the sick that period of time of my father, I always miss the daughter's conduct and actions and invisibly increased much strength for me.The daughter isn't very good on the study, but her heart is very kind.When she just was reasonable, I got her to loiter about on the street and saw street ascend pregnant wear very ragged person while begging, she always wanted money to me.I ask her;"What do you want money stem?""Give him".She uses small hand a person who kneels in the wayside to beg.I saw one eye mendicant and returned overdo looking at a daughter again, I don't add deliberation of take out a dollar money to pass to her.She once connected money and without extra trouble put mendicant to put in inside in the bowl on the ground.Turn head blunt I a smile;"Daddy, we walk."She pulls my hand, I am tiny tiny to her a smile......I know that having a lot of mendicants is along the street to beg is all false, but, I can not reveal this matter in daughter's in front.She only has 3 years old ah, kid's heart has no time, in her young and small in the mind as long as know that sympathizing with others is also all right already.(: )We also have old of time, we also need the children's care at that time.If our on the hoof each person can treat kindly mutually, mutual comprehension, that should much good.My daughter, father hopes that you like study, you are a nurse in the future, you have to treat your patient with the heart of your docile and make them get well soon.It was late at night, you elucidation the sky show me you, I definitely go, Michael Kors Hamilton Large Logo Tote BROWNand the daddy can't let what you disappoint.I am your father, you are my daughter, the this present life destines of father female love fate.The copper Chuan new area head dissipates of a text net on August 28, 2012:/subject/3714244/Write to a lover

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