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I secretly slipped away into his official residence in the evening and changed to return him with own blood cuckoldry life.The Buddha knew that felt pity on me, my the memory being a white fox blured out and became my body a green lotus before the Buddha and let me turned 100001000 livesed with his Du, but I still can not escape a predestination, in this a life time, still feel attracted to him.

A friend once told me:Is young, should go out to walk more, Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote Black Golda year at least must once, or near or far, just can expand your life like this, university time like this just can't the deadly pale is boring.The university is after all an university, very different with senior high school.While hearing these I obviously Leng for a while, viewpoint like this in my eyes, too Utopia type, let me think all don't dare to think.The beginning goes into university of we, have of the person still resemble Huang in the university and the senior high school of transition period in, vacant if lose, Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote Black Goldthe person who have gets into campus to quickly melt to is one member for it and mix the breeze living water to rise and also have of person awake ground the true facts that know university, continue to beat some luggage forward.

The trustworthiness is a kid will ten penny money arriving put in the police's uncle's hand the smiling face on the face is first little the member of team take an oath the flashlight in the eye.The trustworthiness is a burnt Yu Lu to push away a person of hometown firewood door send to of a burst of spring breeze, it is the double feet Wu that heavy bore Sen will hide clan old mother's frostbite into the deep feeling in the bosom.Trustworthiness is found a nation leader to face new first China first light of day to makeChinese people from now on stood upOf invoke.Trustworthiness is carry on past traditions and open up a way for those who follow of lead the way a person to overlook the west to make ofChina wants to carry out great renew& rdquo;Of decision.

The mother-in-law doesn't know that the electricity is a "tiger", but she knows to have to be expensive with the electricity.So, all places that want to use an electricity, she notices economy in electricity very much.A supper empress, the wife goes out to play mahjong go to, I am seeing a favorite continuous play, wait time of beating the advertisement I go to a toilet, Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote Black Goldcome out and then discover the television was closed by her.I am some to unhappily say:I am seeing of, you did we turn off television Nan?She said a sentence words you don't get angry just strange.She says:I don't know that you just come out for a long time again, the so big thing has been starting to put, use a lot of electricities!

The red person in the manager Tian's eyes is supervisor, supervisor Wu, left supervisor, farmland supervisor, my also calculating up is 1.He is very strict to all of us.Supervisor Wu leaves an impression for me the deepest of once is reason elsewhere complain, is also such a matter to make me admire him, letting me feeling should study him.He is in the position that is walked by real strenght to the reality.I and he of the story of didn't end like this.He lets me faster growth, letting me the faster understand dining is this profession.He requests to compare a farmland manager Gao Chu to me a lot of.He throws not to rise a person, I equally throw not rise person.He is leaving a blue hotel to once do another business as well, also talk a lot of blue affair hotel experience after of leaving concerning hims for me.Manager Tian also exchanges sugar for our minds and rises a bridge of love for our minds.Is also manager Tian, frequently supervisor, supervisor Wu, Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote Black Golddirector piece in the army camp still has rose Di of blue son, ice son.The business of the Kang treasure Lai director heart rain church I open eyes of mind, is their true kind and genial good make me know love, know how to open eyes of mind.It are all such to open the whole persons of eyes of minds and things fine.A words of manager Tian have been lining up sea in my brain at present.Chang Feng, your going out to come back for a year is like this.He teaches me very angrily.His this sentence also becomes me dining road ascend a classic famous saying.It is this sentence to make me realize mistake and let me know the meaning of intelligence and courage.

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