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Say at everybody, living original is a piece of blank sheet of paper.Wait our color and paintbrush to exaggerate it.If know management, so this blank sheet of paper will become gorgeous and colorful elegant picture.If the management isn't kind, then become a wastepaper that makes people abandon.As a result, is living over how must, see oneself how to conduct.

I once wiped a shoulder with a lot of books but led, may be don't decree by destiny.The proverb says that be apart from creation the United States, and a words are called:Can not get of be okay.Because the cause of interleave makes my in the mind affirm, that never the book of successful a quasi- is a good book;Can not get, go to is regrettable.

1, you are to choose a miserable wretch that loves you but has no money, still choose a don't love you but rich bastard.We are continuously choosing, measure different index sign, choose the rich, choose a height one meter eight, choose chest measurement, choose educational background and choose the direction of aggression, Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote LUGGAGEroute choose to escape, because this world has no perfect, we the reason that can choose to become our aring not eliminated to the most beneficial choice for wes becomes the magic weapon that we keep on living, we can not choose because we have already forgotten when our heart has true just going to of time we in fact are that need not choose.

The book of the wench that truely lets that senior high school life just end evil Zheng is 《week country even complete works 》 .This book because is really good, afterwards musted walk by a friends' thick-skinned of university.I not remembered to have I to do mark for love book to draw in that in the book how much use to keep a Chinese foot to compare of red blue black oil pen way way, also not remember writes in the country even book in week of those story host Mr. name, Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote LUGGAGEremembers at that time that happy feeling.Is that kind of surge of emotion surge yes beside if is unmanned to imitate a Buddha world be static for oneself, roar with laughter for time sad shed tears to follow the person in the book together sad together pleased the whole feeling throw in, is that kind of to see that book put light for eyes, turn over to open Mo Suos to all feel that this is that have blood to have meat of livinging and working properly similar felling.I think that whole life can make me attain to forget so my situation of and study, it is a head to study is 1.

The respect is another moving song in the mind, the respect is the most beautiful angel in the mind, let the respect all bear firmly in mind the mind in the oneself at any time deep place.Work of good and bad directly influence your respect-work spirit and to the understand degree of this work.You more understand this work to fly to do a lot of good to your Teng.Then your respect-work spirit can be more high, the achievement for obtaining is also more high.When you obtain achievement, should keep on insisting but be not now feel contented, should let the business obtain larger brilliancy.Loyalty of respect-work source to work and persist.We regardless do what should have a heart for persisting, a heart of the abyss of time.The work has no mature, need to pay, Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote LUGGAGEsow seeds.Let it protect in your elaboration under the efflorescence, result, at this time demand patience, need for acquainting with business, acquaint with business for time, the work launches very easily.No matter do what kind of works should see this work bringing a person what?Probably bring the person deals with affairs of technique, probably bring the comprehension of the person to the trust, probably bring the comprehension of the person to the team spirit.

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