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The growth is to head for mature sign, it is an endless process.In this endless process.I must learn to do how of person?How to carry out the value of life?Do a person of diligent challenge oneself?Still keep doing a person of depravity?This all rises definitely at my thought, it is that the human nature is a to is very important to embody.It is the source of deep intelligence place, it makes me know and owns its to be worth of and corrects the method of oneself weakness.A person who owns mature thought, he will challenge to the extreme limit of life forever.What is the extreme limit of life ?Is to pursue the value of life road, pursue the plentiful stone tablet of carrying out the life value, expand a life another to the high highest state, Michael Kors Hamilton Saffiano Satchel LUGGAGEthat will make great effort to raise the character that the oneself is a person, my character decides what kind of person I do.The growth is a rose that silently blooms.While keeping and spending a with meticulous care protecting of the person, the blossom would send forth to offer for sale what I infatuated with fragrant, it is light, can let my mind once in a very long while enjoy in retrospect, feel that it brings me fresh and cool felling in the heart, the felling like this can cross my mind, let my mind regression great universe, feel that the great universe brings me poem general dream world, the poem is generally sweet.The growth is a song, it needs me to work hard and listens with the love, so as to listen its all the sweet and bitter experiences, so as to cope with growth to bring my annoyance.The growth is to need process, it is also the process that thoughts growth, to the process of life views.

The growth wants to pay for it with sweat of, paying one price like this and sweat is worth, it is like a rainbow similar beauty and be like admire reach clean and pure, it is like life in the most beautiful of melody and moving and tactful.Moving is it lets our understanding what is mature?What call simplicity?Maturity and simplicities all realize from the growth.Mature is definite view that we have an oneself, have the oneself the principle for doing a person, the false, docile, justice and bravenesses are all humanistic one sides, regardless false, docile, justice, bravenesses are all decided by our request in doing a person.While paying for it, our affirmation will harvest successful joy, the precept of failure, this is to grow up road, the top has to experience of a lesson, this also I arrive in the blue hotel Wu.The blue hotel brings my feeling Wu too many, Michael Kors Hamilton Saffiano Satchel LUGGAGEbring my feeling to the growth Wu also a lot of.The growth is a song, it needs to diligently work properly to listen, so as to listen its all the sweet and bitter experiences, so as to can solve annoyance that the growth brings a person, because this is to grow up road, the top has to experience of the process is also to thought the process of growth, is also the process to the life views.The road of growth is facing the baptism of breeze and rain, because it is that we know each other the real meaning of growth.

17, (Angle chose a lousy house, the wreath attended to a house on all sides, sub-title gentleman:I feel not bad, have no to broken-down environment bad impression.Move stool to prepare to have a meal)

The third:How many months not list normal?The diligence and persistence is surely important, control breath more important.The sale was greatly enough originally an all straightforward work, only had your cardinal number, so your accomplishment has been already come out.Really many sale members once complained of saying to do with me in the impression how long how long all have no a list, want give up, some is to don't have a list for a month, it is to don't have a list for a few months to have some, for this problem, all of my answers are diligence and persistence, I have a friend for half year just list, for sell this work, who don't dare and say as well not as usual, also not ability strange problem for saying ability, the sale is touching persistence and diligence, for example say that you are diligently making a phone call every day, lucky of is to at the right moment run into a demanding customer of at the right moment having, the demanding customer at the right moment is also run into by you and so easily clinch a deal a list, so want every day a great deal of and insist beating, control breath first, , so meet a source.I of so mention, is because a lot of sale members ability up is little problem of, don't put blame on oneself's ability again, but never forget to want in fixed time of refresh for oneself.Thus then you can make it far, well done!

Male is particularly cherish book and like to read, father's seven brother and sister's teaching materials with once read of book all drive Mr. collect in a small room, after because of hair Huang drive the insect Zhu Ai place, the all of old woman sold it, Mr. whisper to blame and scold the old woman is a lot of sky of.Peacetime male a free then will arrive village male in take newspaper to come back reading, I also follow to read, at that time young and inexperienced of I then use once read newspaper to use to create kite.

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