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20, pain Che the love of the heart is true, only happy is false.That flower that once thought good month circle, Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Logo Wallet Blackthe love was just predestination to put a next bureau.

Its magic power actually where?Why will let I thus of infatuate?Is its melody stillI didn't find out answer now.When the color reaches I drive music like this draws on.When I hear music like this in the skating rink, imitating the Buddha can feel it is have vitality——Isn't very strong, light of be like a lip gloss.It is thus of be full of intense emotion, be like a warrior with prosperous energy.When I am in the rose Di listen to music rhythm like this, Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Logo Wallet Blackit imitates a Buddha to really feel that it is to have vitality, its imitating a Buddha is calling me and call me to walk into its world.The world that walks into it just knows it of magic power, just know that it will become the best friend with me, when does it walk into my life?Let my life because it but many a colors, be like a rainbow similar beauty, be like a rose similar colorful brilliant.This color is thus colorful moving.At the beginning could not feeling its existence when the color reaches is vital, I haven't truely known it and fallen in love with it at that time.

The masters say that the speech ability is this to do important ability in the world, because this is a world of expression, in the world those excellent entrepreneur who can't deliver a speech, oneself also believes deeply to doubt not.I still remember to wildly do Liu Yuan Yuan's 《how to face unsuccessful life 》 at school that time, Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Logo Wallet Blackcan also blurt out now, only I am to have never found out that felling.

Meng's falling is in fact a love of female origin, the Meng falls of the love see is a mold faintness paste of dream, but the fine dream still incubates in the host's heart bottom.The Meng falls a wishes to make your mind bald to discard, it always in your heart dashing surge, excite you to struggle a life to conduct marriage.A person's impulse will along with mature but atrophy, don't excite of love meeting the marriage of the imperfection happy sweet.The choice of love not ability too mature

I don't remember from when start of, Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Logo Wallet Blackthe classmates always heel at my after death and constantly create a big noise:"Kid's son wanted, want of kid's son!"Start me not to understand, cry and run and asks a mother, and she just makes me don't want to ask more, the mother not only sent to the school to me, but also got to office in person while going to school again and whispered Gu with teacher Di some what, I because of naughty, have never cared as well.This later the classmates but is to get worse more, sometimes the classmates see I am dressed in beautiful new suit and probably proceed from to envy to envy to hate, usually put on on me some foul stuff, I certainly can't accept defeat, in the process of fighting each other, the new suit is torn to pieces, from that hereafter the day like this drew back prologue, sometimes my hair drive the classmates sandy soil of Sa, the sometime is cut in the corner, gets a clobber, but after going home each time, the mother always contained tears and cleaned for me, light tone the thin language solved for my breadth and spoke to me, that is a darkly of history, outran a kid's acceptance dint, I become more and more silent, also more and more introverted.

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