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Afterwards according to my grandpa's description is new China hereafter construct of iron pagoda, as for the use of tower does what, why want to set up iron pagoda in the village of home town, and don't set up in the another village, the grandpa is also ambiguous unclear, so have already known a half solution to the affair of iron pagoda.Become to solve in my heart don't open of riddle.

A fortress that is a sand heap, Michael Kors Jet Set Logo Checkbook Wallet VANILLAone is to draw a person with the sand of hand, one is the word that the sand writes, flowing water a lead what also all had no, imagine of is eventually vain in the future, mean to say to own probably to have no you, thought of to cherish of also is to have no you, but all all will at time of long ash in the river fly smoke to put out be not?Would be what also unable to do, then what can not do, Michael Kors Jet Set Logo Checkbook Wallet VANILLAeither, canning work well oneself is difficult, sad still light.

There being a kind of mood is thousand fans over exert behind of cool.Will suddenly flee an ache that can not repress, bite a heart eclipse bone.Is to block up heart, being like a piece of megalith to press basically can not breathe, and then be like a long grass to stab, firm over there, can not pick and get rid of.Will also recall an ever fine day, such as flashy, briefly can not touch.Don't dare to think tomorrow, just benumbed of accept years to give of mild, probably the road is still very long, Michael Kors Jet Set Logo Checkbook Wallet VANILLAwants that conceding son is a little bit slower, again a little bit slower, because trudging of a person, very solitary.Endless warm shine on into your desolate, during the midnight cent, Mo up the flower blossom, separating is diffused empty leave a scar of a life time hot ……

3,000 sorrow bowels drink, too interest tonight exerts.BE who say that poet's life certainly has to be exiled, Michael Kors Jet Set Logo Checkbook Wallet VANILLAthat person's rains and winds don't return a house, but is who vegetable hand to divide tea, mutually and where hedge bottom.

"No matter what the weather, remember to take own last sunlight before go, regardless meet what difficulty, definitely use a heart that is full of a hope to treat future."The mood that by accident sees the friend delivering, the moment, is much more than my eyeball drive its attraction, even oneself's a heart also drive touch, imitating the Buddha is this friend is giving me encouragement.No matter is living medium is to be placed in continuing raining season, or be placed in the cloudy day of "half water half mire", definitely remember to take own last sunlight and give to live a smiling face of warm ocean ocean.There is happiness in the life, there is also annoyance, when the living in front lacks the ability to does, the heart is always tired, sometimes feel that oneself is like a standing alone kid to can not find way home.Life of pressure and helpless use the hammer that they can lightly can weigh of son ever and anon knock they, that still not enough strong heart, let oneself the whole individual all become to have a little fidgety and uneasy, imitating Buddha oneself's sky has never appeared sunlight.At this time, remember to tell oneself, I have my own sunlight.Come up smiling a life, the sunlight of oneself's top of head will be full of the magic sort a short moment to spread to spread out to go and illuminate the whole life.BE Bon voyage in work, make you pleased spirit ocean the ocean rushes forward of situation, have already raised a Wei Jian as well, Michael Kors Jet Set Logo Checkbook Wallet VANILLAall the difficulties time.In face of bad weather in the work can not shrink back, can not be afraid, continuously warning oneself has to promote himself/herself and believe that the way is always more than difficulty, remembers to use own study and starts to support one bright spring-time hard and give oneself a smiling face for encouraging, give work a struggling smile, create future with a heart that is full of a hope.Take own last sunlight before go, once walk cloudy day, once wore raining season.This not only only is a kind of ego to encourage, more is a go before the kind of attitude, a kind of feeling Wu of life is very a kind of faith.(Dance an allied agency of steel Li Shi Min)the head dissipate of a text net:/subject/3714335/Take you to walk limits of the earth to deliver positive energy

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