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The child can know, three sons not help in those early years.The red Xiu birth exerts a way to dye and fall to the ground full pond lotus leaf Xin.Really meet an end summer good seasonal changes, the sob and rain continuing blessing Lu in sky faces.The non- smoke non- fog rises clear sky, the strange burst of color strange Hui Jyong is different.Before old matter a riot of colour takes a glance, just resent breeze hair much harassment, suddenly pleased with one action become bead allied.

Someone says that the life is like a poem, Michael Kors Jet Set Logo Multifunction Tote VANILLAeverybody can read a different meaning from it. Someone says that living is like a song, everybody will have different feeling to know after finishing listenning to. I say that living is like a machine that never stops and lead all objects together forward, but ignore they whether really would like to. So dearly read, don't complain that the life cheated you, Michael Kors Jet Set Logo Multifunction Tote VANILLAhe is in fact all fair and reasonable to owners. Everybody's lives have the high tide low valley, can't someone is throughout Bon voyage and lucid forever. , Life, bring the very great difference of the life attitude of everybody to your different comprehension. Those persons who never give up usually obtained success, but carried it through to mostly win victory. So everybody wants to face a life by aggressive attitude, not the important cause lives in self-abandonment for meeting frustrate. And don't relax the gist, either while being placed in fortunate circumstances, every moment keep a vigilance to the potential danger in the fortunate circumstances. Want at the same time will agreeable, the way of various contingency in the adverse circumstances study, just can make an effort to protect oneself to be free from stroke like this. , Living, although sometimes you appear by different facial expression in front of us,only our attitude to you is always aggressive such as a, that can let our life continuously obtain larger victory.Living small remark(3)

Preface:Common primary and junior high school in Shandong province reform a creative engineering slice on November 28, 2014 the area meeting convene in the hat county high school in the Gu town, one with in the week two grand occasion convenes in the hat county and owed a flourishing county for this education to bring a matchless bright color.Three in the last yearses in high school in the Gu town experienced the rebirth of the Phoenix Nie 槃 type, again break the astonishment that the cocoon turns Die.The school made sure"responsibility?Take"of the core do academic theories to read and drew up a school to lately do to learn a target and teach person's target, there is own soul, Michael Kors Jet Set Logo Multifunction Tote VANILLAthe school acquired a rebirth.The hat county enjoys high prestige non- material cultural inheritance of whole country to check boxing and noodles Su and find out a tradition person at school.Is a rightness of to check boxing performance to the student, the tiger tiger is angry, showed this full of life source of vitality in the school;Noodles with lifelike molds a type and made a show of the student's mind hand Qiao.Three year agos this is still that one contain a great deal of Wei building, environment old, all depend to increase lesson, work overtime to add to order to do to learn of village junior high school, Michael Kors Jet Set Logo Multifunction Tote VANILLAenrich at present of can be provided as student the choice of school originally the course system have been already built up, happy Wednesday afternoon is student's most happy time weekly.Cultural lesson lesson subtract go to original 1/3 is many, ascended according to the national rules, the teaching quality didn't descend;The student worked and rested on time, the stanza day off student as usual led, school originally all of the course open, the teaching quality didn't descend and on the contrary promoted.The fact is the most persuasive, the reform brought the school of this secluded village infinite source of vitality and vitality.The responsibility takes a vein to spread and teach a big industry of person first whip. Difficulty stand in no fear of innovation to start, reforming persistence the quest is hard. The opportunity robs to grasp to stir to be fond of fog, the alliance cooperation smiles to open Yan. Core principle clear direction, turn rain spring breeze peach Li Yan.Bribe road absolute being

The southern Winter Solstice eats a tang yuan.Put a table of house Yan, several cup sweet white spirit, various flower Gaos, one family round and round circle circle, then hadThe Winter Solstice doesn't have red bean glutinous rice, next year happiness has never got to hopeOf common saying.I am where a Northerner, don't understand the southern people's wit and humour, tradition 15 eat a night circle, suddenly on listenning to heart peculiar, arrive could not say as well 12.

——How you fantasize you again must also face reality.You walk I to your blue sea blue sky, I will never obstruct.The time that is sad think of my words, perhaps I will be very happy.Be getting more tired and then come back.

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