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Is similar to many university students, just stepped on during the days in the university, the heart always accompanied with various mood of hard speech, oneself was an university to born, in this China of should try under studied hard for 12 years, finally be regarded as"accomplished", connect down be truely started, however in fact but otherwise!During the days in the primary school drive the parents, teacher was going to the whole social infusion into take the entrance examination of the thought of university, seeming the university is heaven, even if is that we sacrificed their our own childhoods, then sacrificed own youth, was all worth.In childhood, the adults always fooled us, Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano iPad Travel Tote LUGGAGEa little bit bitter now, go to hereafter university easy, or later can find out a good work, lead the words like the best life etc..I at the beginning don't understand and have never experienced as well, nature believe to think true, hence I since the childhood with pass examination a good university is ideal, also no longer took care of other what, the in a flash was 12 years!Step into my heart of university school door be full of surge, seeming can do an important event industry and did an astounding matter, can have never thought university, in fact is the beginning that lies floats a surface.The university has no so easily, if say that the past examination hangs a section just and receives scolding, that university hangs a section can have no so in brief, Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano iPad Travel Tote LUGGAGEhanged a section, then made up exam, repair and fail in examination, have to rebuild, even more miserably of situation, and is not before either for the difficulty of this study can with peter of.Then is the university living?Make an association activity, communication and take a walk with friend.....BE busy at these, see enrichment, but the head quarter feels a little bit bad what, always feel to have a little flighty!And the relationship of university what of, even don't want to say more, I have been thinking impassability, the person is more big, understand of truth more many, but the person more don't know to tolerate other people, even I discover me by myself now also in the change, become a selfish person, oneself once disliked of person.In fine, the classmate of university before differing from, wanted to find out a can push heart to place stomach of almost had no, being that kind of could play together of the persons are all few, mostly under the circumstance, the classmate in the class was also good, even is the same dormitory of, returned a root exactly also however is also know that the stranger of name is just!I think that the value that is all everyone differs very and far!However think come is also, small, nothing important so-called value, get along with nature very easy, but big, Be getting more different, have own value, making friend has to seek those get along together of, because of this just can chat a cake of.(: )As for student association and regiment Wei what of organization, after going in feel that being a person isn't easy, if the ways of the world isn't enough experienced, head quarter very easy let those identities are that senior or elder sister Shi's heart of minister, president of association aren't greats, hence talk to have to be careful, can not literally say, speak amiss, their facial expressions expressed.In fine is a vexed person, although hereafter entered a society, these even need moment by moment keep in mind caution.So think come, the circumstance of university be to society of a kind of excesssive!Thinking is a lot of, and then thoughts of that problem, exactly was a person to change a society, still did the society change a person?Look the most difficult to understand of still nothing is better than at the public!The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3714382/Car and view

Formerly of the bookstore be like den and have book breathing and have printing ink joss-stick, now dissimilarity, in the bookstore, only as the book of merchandise, saw make people be shy with strangers.Book city& ldquo in light valley in Wuhan;Get stripeAfter, half the area seller give or get an electric shock, the half temporary saving once forces to go, not consciousness lingering breath of life how long.Agree on

In the customs person's idea, everybody wants to get married of, everybody should inherit the responsibility for carrying on the family lining;Hence the woman feels she needs to seek the matrimony of a man who satisfies her condition and do like this of the result became lonesome of love;But lonesome of the love is usually all false.The many people all ignore a solution:Why love each other person not is the ability together?The false love will result in false viewpoint, so-called love each other is in fact each to beg need isn't a matrimony, become the object of the companion in lifetime.The many people all neglect an affair:When we miss a person who loves each other, and a person who doesn't have feelings get married, on the contrary lead a little bit betterly.

If the life just as before sees, He Shi Xi's breeze sad appearance.Carelessly change but the late lament heart, but the way late lament heart difference changes.

On the boundless life road, we beat the flag of life and enter hair to the future, unavoidably will meet difficulties and Zu Rao on the way.But we want to always believe, the road is a turns and twists of, the prospect is bright.Is positive because have which difficult frustrates, add many brilliances for our life, is that they make us stronger, we are like a small bird and tirelessly look beyond the wing of woulding be the mind, sometimes the rains and winds of life will fold to fall a few feathers, but look forward to obstinate will cross the Die Zhang of years, this is the strength of the mind!The mind responds

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