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I say:"Some customers don't like a trading company, at the same time, really have some products to go together make it really isn't very glad, for example the amounts are really few, but the request is very high, Michael Kors Jet Set TopZip Saffiano Tote LUGGAGEthe whole payment of order is also just several ten thousand even several thousands of, the words like that really have no a few factories to do;But is me, as our company, always we serve customer to put in the first, so usually risk danger, go together would not like to, so we have to think a way, that can ascend just by himself/herself."

The little girl cried and cries whiled shouting:Dad, Niang, Michael Kors Jet Set TopZip Saffiano Tote LUGGAGE~~dad!Niang!The flesh and blood flavor of this voice and his parents was recruited a wolf, the little girl left hand pickeds up piece of stone, the right hand pickeds up tree branch and try very hard to of rush into wolf.But the behavior of the little girl not only didn't kick out wolf and even recruited to come to more wolves.The little girl was frightenned, because rounding his wolf to have at the moment is several, Michael Kors Jet Set TopZip Saffiano Tote LUGGAGEthe tree branch in the little girl hand break, the pebble still has no.Other wolves just while eating her parents.A wolf saw out the little girl having no weapon, but having no dint to resist and carefully going forward.The little girl is by hand brandished and perhaps drunk.But this wolf not only didn't fear, on the contrary eager.Suddenly and fiercely a jump.The little girl is frightened of shut last eyes, wait wolf to eat their himself/herselfs.Can open once eyes see, the wolf dies at in front.What is the row?She soliloquizes a way.Spread a voice later on:Little girl hides to go to the place of safety.The little girl lies prone at wagon underneath.Looking at the look to have 30 many year old of the uncle and wolf duel and make her specially admire.

Chen Yang Chen Yang mean to say I love you the summer in 2006 I promise a wishes to look for you from now on I every day roam about at pleasure at the ocean of book haven't slept to arrive stars from the stars that sort again I waited until the admission ticket that you send me after very naughty 100 days I am like extremely valued then cherish hard and answer very each time an an imagine can walk into you of beauty you know me of love how much feeling again how much ideaChen Yang Chen Yang mean to say I love you I receive your letter to specially cherish in March, 2007 you can make me have the opportunity hums to sing to long for song a long distance ten thousand insides I have to rush toward into your to embrace inside Chen Yang of the boon teacher was the chance docile of best my this present life to persist to have no deceit to give me hard than the home town warmer springChen Yang Chen Yang mean to say I love you I am full of hope in September, 2007 the no time for waiting rush start me toward you all new trip you opened lucky front door for me, I acquainted with an enterprising eldest brother gentleness of intelligence in the bedroom can younger sister Ying of the optimistic kind and justice of flying of person acquainted with my dear new with I the dead hour chat at my dear elder brother in the corner of hallway for come home late of I beat those wish and intention that good hot water delivers for me to once sing those good to listen songs specially favorite of friend together take a walk to play badminton in the east greatly at five in Chen Yang in the river park Chen Yang to the utmost show you of comprehensiveness great magic powerChen Yang Chen Yang mean to say I love you

The bosom friend is difficult to look for network the good friend is really many, the moment can become top.However all didn't turn head a guest, the good friend was without the one who have to love dearly.Is passive to become a net friend at present, moment then free and unfettered joy.The bosom friend mutually meets to eventually have a period, will certainly become the whole life happy.

Life thin read life thin consider, Michael Kors Jet Set TopZip Saffiano Tote LUGGAGEa few rare good reputations fall.The little person of from ancient times psyche is great, difficult anticipate my good friends of how soul is.While livinging how of free and unfettered, the descendant posterity is a few Hes.The flower blossoms of what rich brocade, spend several person's glories after falling.

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