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Three elder brothers in childhood are also very naughty, remember that the father went home to bring back a toy for me from the other parts of country, three elder brothers and head quarters stir at home my in the mind isn't a taste, and I rob a toy to play and keep wearing the interjection button of toy according to the Ning.

This totally has two kinds of people, man and woman in the world.Under majority of circumstances, the man is responsible for invention, the woman is then responsible for receiving and enjoys this kind of to invent.From cold weapon to nuclear weapon machine, the man invents at he or she of in the weapon, have fun not as well happy.But the woman therein lose miserably heavy.But in these invention, having 1 kind can be profoundly made use of by the woman, but the man only flee ignominiously of son, this invention is a phrase language, be called sexual harassment.

Walk into Buddha mountain this city make people know how to go to a person who adapt to this city, this consumption in the city.The person in the different city's consuming idea is different and have very great relation with the economy of this city.Economy of city more and more reaches, this consumption in the city is usually very high.But could not see high consumption in this small town in the Buddha mountain.It is tallestly also about 1,000 dollars.This also has very great relation with this little town worker's wages, and the majorities are all foreign part-time jobs.Part-time job all come to earn money but not is come expensive.This city's seeming to be every day is bringing me all new understanding, all new feeling Wu, all newly realize.In these understanding, feeling Wu, realize in, also gradual of than more mature in the past, more rational.A person is mature in the growth, mature in the career.Is mature to mean that the responsibility on the body is larger, pays of more many.This city is like heart in pure, clean and pure but beauty of admire reach.I like to admire to reach, it represents comity, love, symbolize peace.This city brings me a kind of outstrip myself, outstrip the idea of others to read.You have to be more excellent than other people in this city, more excellent than other people study, go to creative, pass intelligence to make the other people approve you more excellent than her(he), outstanding, otherwise you can not fly.A person after the outside drifts on water for a long time, different to different city creation's thinking of.The thinking of to let because of the some persons of this city and the affairs you can not forget.Remember while just returning to Chongqing from Peking, in the brain whole moving appearances that was Peking.Peking seems to be already to occupy my mind and occupies each inch place that I live, because Peking gives me imagination, know competition to push my alignment success.Arrived at Buddha mountain to make people seem to come out from the moving appearance of Peking.Buddha mountain this city gives my more, make what me knew more.

Phrase:Fall wild goose to know an autumn.RaincoatThe knife breeze sword rain city outside is crazy, the blood dyes red setting sun north wind roar roar blow other place, river's lake should have the vicissitudes of life withered lamp-stand up sway, the moonlight lies to break a wall, 3,000 disappointed bed sides put my loneliness from cradle to the grave unload not rain of is a military dressThou way clop voice ring, sword next spring autumn thin quickly passing time Huang village the wild store is too miserable, a night breeze snow snares a cold river, I drank the wind and frost of river's lake, this cup destroys wine how warm divagation's locking eyebrow exhibition don't lend me a song to sing home townLately worry 23 on the case, Michael Kors Jet Set TopZip Saffiano Tote scarletlong for too long how measure but I inebriate your rouge joss-stick, ten thousand feeling of Zhang Hao remains several two you painting hold west window tears make-up removing, I want to turn round to return to your body side Xiu hand landscape again drink the Du Kang that you burnAll the way the plan Ma Dao's limits of the earth, my life and deathses all aren't afraid of Qing city the blood step under the hoof, red spend in Marchary but I use to concern about and wait your answerAll the way the plan Ma Dao's limits of the earth, all of my wind and frosts drank you tearful have tears to fall cheeks, sigh a predestination too the Xiao kill to sigh current affairs variety, fillip split secondThe enemy of Wu Lin Qing is like sandstorm, all of my gratitude and grudges let go of to cook new tea in setting sun chimney smoke and appreciate the red glow at sunset out of the hedge with you arrive grey hair, river's lake allows itChen Yang Chen's sun

One etc., that year, the sword points limits of the earth, you say, can contain cloud to vomit fog, the sword can sweep warm avoid cold, person at seek invite, beg in the language around, the breeze is in mind to hide, can accept hordes of troops and horses, can take 1,000,000 mighty armies, the insight ability view the four seas smiles Ao, the tender heart can check limits of the earth absolute being state, I smile me to ask, who can identify yin and yang, who can see through blackness, if can divide too very, check sky the human life, the fairy attains, Michael Kors Jet Set TopZip Saffiano Tote scarletperson ability the language beg, just an anecdotage, is also a to disappear any further, you smiled, I cried, you wipe my tears, I wipe don't go you have to walk of direction.

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