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Again ofSmoke rain world of mortals& rdquo;Solicited writings to start, in chance encounter the Chinese New Year comes a moment, I guess a topic to involve till Chinese New Year, will ast least also withSpring& rdquo;It is relevant.Dream of medium life& rdquo;This topic one's pouring is the idea that is some to come from me to anticipate, but think cautiously come, this topicIs much aer to close, &Ldquo;Dream ofWithSpring& rdquo;Mutually take;Have some to accept again up under the Qi of meaning, look back 13, prospect 14, everybody dreams of medium lives all different, the life in the dream of everybody every year is also different.

A song can always make people think of a things of the past and think of a person.A smile, a time Mou, can always leave softhearted part and stay distance to look upwards of hang to lead long.The dust of mind, Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Continental Wallet MANDARINspreads a warm of true.Walk through summer autumn of spring winter, once walk heart of cold warm, on the road of life, met me, you said to would be in warm spring the flower blossoms.

Heavy snow that year, a person trails baggage and walks on the road and sees to go out to pick up my mother, she wears a hat on my head, and our two people so walks in snow ground.From her after death, I saw several silk grey hair, and snow melt together, originally she also already at old go.Big one winter vacation, with father stand together, pay no attention to see in the in multiple layers green silk cloth wear a few grey hair, originally my growth wants their decrepitudes as antecedent.

The brains storm is a more unfamiliar word to us.The brains storm method calls that the intelligence encourages a method, is a modern creation to learn to lay foundation stone what American Ao Si of person originally put forward again, is a kind of collective training method that creates ability.When a group of persons surround a particular interest realm creation new look, this kind of scenario is called brains storm.Because the meeting used the rule that didn't restrain, people in the brains storm canned more at liberty consider, got into the new district of thought and produced a lot of new looks and problem to solve a method thus.Therefore, the brains storm can see make the game that is a group of persons, it can produce new standpoint and problem to solve a method.4 regulation rules of brains storm is then:1, encouragement freedom expression opinion, don't add any critique;2, don't reject any viewpoint;3, encourage to escape from the new idea of normal regulations to increase a creativity;4, the encouragement synthesize and induce all viewpoints.From here, the brains storm can produce more solution methods.

The mother teaches him, respect old minister, he calls not Wei BEThe Zhong father& rdquo;, One& ldquo;The Zhong father& rdquo;Call helpless, also called an embarrassed fact.He to not the Wei love also have and hate to also have, but his indetermination, can not even recognize Wei not is a father.He a side resist the Wei most concern again Wei isn't not to his evaluation.

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