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Live apart for six years, I already no longer is that you once saw that year of that I, Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Slim Tech Wristlet MANDARINbut whether you is well?Still remember that two people in rain?I don't believe that words is come from your inside, I don't want to defend!Because the gain or loss like that has no interesting, hence I learned to accept.

When a drop of tears slide from the canthus, that is the flavor that chews years but rise of touched;When a put on to smile the corner of mouth ocean overflows, that is the favor that crumples to knead time but ripple of intense emotion.The passing years, dark flow out;World of mortals, pure joys.Taint with firework breathing of I, make it a rule age-long of long look back in gallery, beat to whet a vicissitudes of life, ten and fine, Wu from ex- go, never thank an act.Calm down like one belong to vital itinerary, some time, still smile slightly.

The strength that is musical in fact is can not accurate terminology speech the speech say.Is French famous writer Wei the gram is many ·the Hugo once said:Music expression of is can not terminology speech description, but again impossible as to it's remain mum thing. For example to a certain song, or a certain melody, 100 listen to not to be disgusted with, even is have a kind of felling for becoming addicted.Once hearing it, will sink to immerse among them, Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Slim Tech Wristlet MANDARINthe mood is particularly quiet, imitate Buddha is listenning to his/her own true feelings. For attend to 《fall in love with a person 》 that Ya Li sings on stage, I have been having this felling.Listen to for the first time this song forget is at when, but from the first time after hearing it, then and profoundly engrave in the brain, not to more accurately say, should be to seep into soul, its melody usually pays no attention the ground drips in the mind midstream and hears it each time, mood no matter what kind of it is color, all will moment quiet get such as lake water of wood lake in the match. In fact, the lyrics of this song has no foot view and in brief keeps white, straightforwards the earth's surface reaches love and longs for.But its melody far and far outran the contents that the lyrics loads, informing of independence a kind of hard speech spreads of feeling, slow but floating, imitating the Buddha is a woman in Chiang-Nan smoke rain lane at shallow sing to sing low, tell oneself pure but again slightly with sad mood, Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Slim Tech Wristlet MANDARINthat voice knocks on the granite plank in Chiang-Nan rain lane and starts to splash infinite ripple and crosses strong and tough reinforced concrete, Wen Run the anxious and fretful mind of modern city person. Hungary musician Li Si says especially:Music is a leave not is any outside dint, the flame of direct mentally refreshing's most pure feelings;It is from the air for inhaling, it is the vital afferent midstream blood for wearing.This is I once saw of to music's best annotation.Music is directly the only art type of mind that can touch a person in all arts. I have been thinking that everybody's minds contains his/her own special frequency, if a certain song, or a certain melody, the mind of its frequency and a person produces a resonance, it owns your soul, your blood of infiltration, even one of your the strength that feel cell.A person can like a lot of songs, a lot of melodies, but own song or melody of this kind of special strength is not much, to some persons, even unique, can not act for. The Chinese language inside phrase " understanding friend", I feel that it only has poetry and magic power.In my comprehension, the understanding friend anything but and in brief shares common interest, our ancestries create the time of this phrase and in fact have already suggested its profound mystery:Understanding friend should be two people's the sympathy(the resonance of frequency) of the mind. Though the world is very big,the understanding friend is difficult to meet, is from time immemorial hum a regret.However, being compared to look for is an and oneself's mind can the person of sympathy, look for an and the frequency of oneself's mind can music or melody of resonance then want many easy.We completely can sink Be immersed to music or the melody, listen to its to tell, can also entrust own mood to it. In fact, such a song or a melody, the did it ever isn't an understanding friend!Friend

Led in a short while, the uncle said after kicking out wolf:The little girl comes out!The wolf walked.The little girl takes adoring vision to run to this eldest brother elder brother's in front to say:The elder brother of the eldest brother thanks you.The eldest brother elder brother says:This is as it should be, whichever persons can't stand by with folded arms.To, and your family?How are you 1?Is how dangerous?Listen to the words of finishing the eldest brother elder brother, the little girl sadly cried and cries whiled speaking hesitatingly ground to say:Niang& hellip;The Niang and dad just died.What about that their corpses?The eldest brother elder brother asks a way.The little girl says:DriveThe wolf ate.Lookinging at little girl is completely helpless, the eldest brother elder brother says:Leave with me!The little girl asks:Go to which?The eldest brother elder brother says:Go to my house, you live first!The little girl happily leaps and jumps.The eldest brother elder brother leads long the hand of little girl to walk on the road, the eldest brother elder brother feels to lead long her hand to feel matchless warmth.The little girl also feels that leading long the eldest brother elder brother's hand contains happy feeling.Arrived the eldest brother elder brother's in home, the little girl didn't stick to a bunch so much, everywhere lo.It is complete to consider as own house here.

The daughter's arrival brought the whole family more merriments and joke and sometimes also acted as me to relate to with wife of a kind of lubricant.At family, there are some trifleses in the head quarter, make the public feeling fidgety and even result in family atmosphere of out of harmony.Remember once, because work busy reason, a period of time couldn't look after to come home a court.Just go home, wife loquacious several.Feel vexed bottom, I crest several.Unexpectedly, if the wife adds fuel to the fire, Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Slim Tech Wristlet MANDARINstarted a violent attack.Immediately, I also come‘Fire& rsquo;.Both parties the lips gun tongue sword, with swords unsheathed and bows drawn, the situation contains rampant appearance.At this time, still just ah ah learn the daughter of language, may be frightenned, loudly cried, continuously shout on the mouthBa(daddy) and Ba(daddy).At this time, my wrath is vanish, nature alsoPay Xie to surrender.

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