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On smiling before the person, all the year round have invite, the universe is one painting, romantic mind of pen hook, heart sorrow dust lock soul building, in the near future who look for, vow difficult pick up, the state is always a 20 years, at present on sending around, spread leave feeling two quietly, bird lead river in the sky, the animals steps and returns a door and lets the breeze breaks shadow and reduces an autumn and reads, when spring act, leave long-lost spread square inch year, recall~to the mind don't a few careers, will break future life how say, Buddha good luck, bodhisattva sentence, a phrase can write three landscapes, a dream can draw the universe breeze, meeting doesn't have no phrase and have heart and knit and mutually send to a feeling opens good luck, the way is a burst of and leaves, and the feeling is a charming temple.

This period of time a person in quiet walks, Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Zip Around Continental Wallet goldmuch time nearby connects a persons who can talk all have no, the friend loves for me, but I use light and disappointed once rowed heart of scar, after is quiet choice oneself's acceptance.I think to be in quiet foolish, there is no voice, have no prosperous, don't cheat, don't calculate, don't betray, don't hurt, as well had no joy.I have already again had no dint to contend, wants to be calm to in brief live.When one personal deeply drunk fantasizes in 1 in, he will fantasize this misty of feeling mood, regard as true of wine.You drink to inebriate for of being begging;I drink for of want from don't grow drunk with wine mediumly to wide awake.Always try to evade, evade a negative mind world, paralyze fearing of heart with the wine, the wine is getting fuller, full then overflow, but that overflows run off of exactly whether is superfluous disappointed?I am again full ascend my disappointed, quaff in one gulp recent annoyance recently and not and all quickly!Saying in other people's eyes that I drink is satisfying, can among them sad oneself also only the mental state is playing the drum amount of Dian.Setting up for is unconcerned, along with tipsily paralyze, it is numbness to let oneself look like similar.The wine doesn't inebriate but person from inebriate, worrying the bowel has already without any cause broken to inebriate, there is a kind of voice of blowout while being wine into the larynx, imitate a Buddha despair of sing.

Experience in our life in, the bosom friend understanding friend is like beautiful love, can meet but can not beg.Mutually hand over full world, is the understanding ability several people?Who all just say like this, who all just sigh like this.Everyone all understanding, the bosom friend see make a kind of matchless and fine life chance.Person's getting along with others is a kind of good luck, while this good luck must be may come with luck.The bosom friend is interpersonal very delicate kind of relation.Who can not say pure, who also very clear, the bosom friend is having no of a kind of heart and heart speech Wu;The understanding friend is having no of a kind of heart and heart voice to have a conversation.The person experiences more much, the emotion is more abundant, heart world also more complicated, also very difficult be understood, and understand a person.Youth's heart is most pure, most difficult know of is old-age heart.

Later on, under my influence, you had the exaggeration new number in the area that I play.I at last have more opportunity concerns to look after you, I am very good to you in the game.But, at this time Hou I had new secret concern, that is the game inside I am more good to you, turning over that harms you.This complicated but self-contradict mood be really can not speech.If I can select by examinations, I don't hope the your multifarious emergence is in the game, but your Mom and Dad's lovely baby, laugh merrily to play Jiao in the knee of nearby rounding of your parents.Give in the game you are thousand times again many, also cannot compare with reality of a.

Have the expert the research enunciation, zero-6 years old are the best opportune moments that educates a kid, but education not ability blindness, should be laid particular emphasis on to ability foundation, particularly toughens the various behavior ability and development behavior habit of child.This standpoint I agree with.The daughter's sport ability and equilibrium feeling for toughenning, I want to help a daughter a report round slippery training class, but be worried that the daughter doesn't wish to learn again.A day, I take a daughter to arrive at park to watch a slippery training.Looking at inside an in park to float around ofIs small to fly person& rdquo;, The daughter a little bit moves.

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