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These several days, the weather suddenly becomes cool, bise cold rain rushes toward noodles since then, everywhere dripping wet, chilly of, be like I the mood at the moment.Ten days ago, Michael Kors Large Audrey Satchel Whitebecause of eat to always vomit and the hospitalized mother-in-law be confirmed by the hospital for the esophagus cancer a later period, the husband knew and in a hurry pack luggage to walk, even the leave didn't also please and threw down the work of an old and the young and not yet finished.My in the mind secretly complains of hard lot and has to take heart and unwillingly copes with all these. On Monday morning, I cooked a gruel and in a hurry had a meal, then had a class.Four section language the lesson come down and have been exhausted, the thirsty tongue is dry, Michael Kors Large Audrey Satchel Whitethroat ache, exceed a heavy step son ascend to the fifth floors, sit on the sofa don't want to move again.Can open a table of cover, a little sea fish only ate to remain last night on the table, I was sorry ground of to smile to say:"Compromise to eat and have no time to buy vegetables to cook a meal."Is very quick, meal on sweeping but getting empty, leaves feast is over, I quickly clean, Michael Kors Large Audrey Satchel Whitehates mama Die to born less two hands for me. Is many at 12:00, finally finished cleaning a bowl chopsticks, want today's supper, have to buy vegetables.

The night once upon a time.Take part in a three people of Wu Lin's general assembly, their daughter says on the road:Niang, the Niang was too black here, Michael Kors Large Audrey Satchel WhiteI was going to grasp some glowworms illuminate roads all, Hey Hey.Her mother says:Don't go, too dangerous.The little girl says again:Not!Niang!Niang!I will, I will!His father says at this time:Make her go!We the Ran fire take a break here now.Her mother says:Is so dangerous, not do we go together?Don't , don't !Don't you know my personality?Do what matters to all want themselveses!The little girl says.The mother says:You!What all good, being this trouble must change, you are a girl!Be different from those men.Niang you make me go!I don't run far!By the side of that pond.The little girl begs humbly.Finally repeatedly beg humbly at the girl the mother just unwillingly promise.

For the silk, I rarely touch, always thinking the too smooth and soft thing is too fine, once hurting, the result will be a disaster.

Is old left:Hey, do you dare to also threaten me?I tell you, I take Xiao Xiao, and her boyfriend, our Sa kneels down for you together, doesn't your letter believe?Who afraid who ah?You dare to also threaten me

Afterwards, I ran into the second girl friend, is now my wife.I love her very much and dream to all fear to lose her, their house is again very rich, the relativeses are all some first-class families, before having the Jian of the car I really fear that can be getting notter filial.But an arrive at the time of holidays and New Year I miss them, the in the mind blocks up panically, suffered.

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