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You came, Ling Po Wei trod and brushed past my heart sea and took light chrysanthemum joss-stick, shallow smile slightly.I as well tend a step and leave secluded valley forbidden ground and lightly sweep pretty eyebrows to tie up green silk, the vegetable Jie is lightly.In the world of mortals, regardless who once was a whose who, Qiao however of meet, achieved you, I kept the hand of son, with son Jie old Shi wish.You are a sky, I would am to drift your comprehensiveness of breadth of view one clouds, not and far don't leave.The breeze rises of day, I gave up distant journey, one of your look in the eyes had already locked me love and Chi of one a life time fan.You are a month, I am a lotus, if lotus were the tears that is finally in month eyes, pleasing the month would don't make her flow down and take grieved of the lotus walk together farthest end of the earth, in each morning and night of sunset, accompany a lotus to read rain together, listen to breeze.Rise tide to rise in each tide, hug to each other to see blue sea together, blue sky, because that is the heaven that the lotus looks forward to most .At mild in mutually guard, at and go and cherish in, warmth is full of. Ever thought that this owns you from cradle to the grave, then no longer lonesome, I loved deeply, the deeply drunk wears and leaned on window way, stare at to love dearly of afar, imagine an ability one day, long for to dye into maple leaf, spreads on the road for you to come, I was safely silent, waited you all the way.Because Be persisted to this to mutually guard, mutually cherish, I Be often slowly hard to sleep to go, fear the nightmare of dark night strikes and steal to change you me like the memory of brocade gaudiness.All sadnesses, all happinesses, all because you, I never conceal my bitterness, my sad, my smile, my tears, my hatred, true of I, like this expose to you entirely, but you, read to understand my Ning Mou of disappointed, but don't know I of lonesome, hang at moon up! Your look in the eyes, deep feeling style style, your voice, Michael Kors Large Cynthia Logo Satchel Brownlight and free and faraway.Yang beginning, always want the corner of mouth that you are crafty tiny to raise catches your heart, I want of slice the slice is attentive, the Mi spreads the abyss of time of warmth my heart.The heart of Cheng Che empty have you gentle and soft projection, such as once floated with the spring breeze of Xi, such as in fine threads light drizzle slide, full of life a transmigration of soul of spring summer, my heart is you but pleased, is you but Qi!The years of the passing years, whom don't contend for Feng, not and lightly sigh shallow good luck of good luck deep, life and death all the way, ten mutually button up, your Nong my Nong, hold the hand in the world of mortals mist, have no nearby numerous and complicated city view in eye, have no after death ground read, love, so love.Because have you, my heart thus and calmly, cool.Put together to the utmost the gentleness of one a life time is as concomitant as you, Qing a life time, Qing feeling, fall in love! Article you, like water, like painting, like the life of tea, I use Fang China of remaining years to unfold you the double of the tight Cu eyebrow, can use your Ying Ying one Hong, the Dan drops me leaving of dress Jin sorrow, crush pieces me lonesome sadness?Dance pink Liu Lyu, fondle one song moonlit night spring river, take me to walk into limits of the earth, walk into cape, walk into your world of mortals painting book, don't tell to leave Shang.My year

Sometimes the heart can not be calm, those such as the thoughts and feelings set of of the tide book but go to, some always can not let go of again beginning in one of the hearts accidentally place deluge, don't want that letting is miscellaneous disorderly controls to recover day by day of soul, really want to chop in two all feeling knots, let to don't just long for to depend on.

I don't want to return to county city to go and accept not to descend my ideal and ambition there, so say:I can't return to, even if is a part-time job, I also want to stay here.

Still just that familiar cool morning, Michael Kors Large Cynthia Logo Satchel Brownstill just that acquaints with of go to school road up, at this time of I, take a book in the hand, just at Be slowly walking and lowering the head to looking at a book.A burst of and clear and crisp bicycle bell ring rings out, I conditioned reflex sort the ground moved to move body to the wayside.The title watches, a figure for acquainting with is in the driving of bicycle one Shan but lead.The face of youth, very short student head up beat the bowknot of powder color, thin small shape, all belong to is aer than owning of Xing Nyu's classmate.The different feeling creation turns to our class at the beginning of that day of, several stanza lessons come down, the fascinating performance of her lesson seized me ever the scene of classroom.Later on several examinations, she thoroughly seized the position of my first, let I this study member of committee inwardly the absolute being harm.

42, do I feel, I just died of time, according to his reaction, explained this person to is sympathetic, however, my bloods all sprayed so, he could not see clearly and proved this person's intelligence to is a little bit lowly and said white, was one be silly to force.

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