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Turned an eye to is on Sunday.Get up early in the morning, I bought to like fresh bean curd and cabbage.The son likes to eat cow belly and stew good of that kind of.The son cooks for the first time today, I hope to make him pass to cook this time and fall in love with a kitchen!But I feel the best way, be make him a time of to have sense of achievement.But this sense of achievement, be let his preparation today all vegetableses of lunch!So, I thought one simple recipe, let him all hold dish in person.This simple recipe is:A hot pepper stir-fries to stew good cow belly, Michael Kors Large Eliza Totea vegetable stir-fries a cabbage, one is the cabbage bean curd that he says by himself soup!

18, Such a waste of talent.He chose money over power.In this town, a mistake nearly everyone makes.Money is the McMansion in Sarasota that starts falling apart after ten years.Power is the old stone building that stands for centuries.

The light in morning shoots into a house, on the wall the shadow for leaving a motley tree, flutter with the breeze.Come downstairs, the grandmother sits in front of the door and wears glasses for the far-sighted, takes needle and line and towards light to wear needle.I walk up her, once connected the thread in the his hand and wore needle for her.She hopes I smiled, that tooth had already fallen light, the green silk has already become grey hair as well, I sit down and nestle by her, like the childhood years, just I ain't a little girl, Michael Kors Large Eliza ToteMichael Kors Large Eliza Toteand she also already old go.

There will be the affair to be banded together to heart in everybody's life probably, Yao hard taking or rejecting, the Yao is hard to release a bosom, always is insisting and give up of hard choice, even if have already had right answer in the heart, still cant not bear to the heart let result to must be so true, so direct, on the contrary choose bitter and astringent on the prowl, just because we all are to have the person of feeling, in fact and later on just understand, a lot of matters can't take place because your worry any variety, will let your heart have no place put, freak.You didn't ask for help of object, because you know it in heart, in addition to yourself, the other people can't know taste among them, key time, you can depend on yourself and stay and wait one quite, the bosom Chuai is a heart breadth, go together with time, exceed supple step, brave ex- go.Our everybody, living come and then isn't all perfect, also because this kind of isn't perfect, let everybody become the one and only scenery, need not give a lot of care to try to please other people, but change true oneself.If want to own a happiness, unload those heavy thought burdens, do an oneself of big-hearted dignity, the time is walking, let the heart be calming down to enjoy Wen Run's time in the Yi, lightly run aground the dust smoke of memory, lightly hold one big-hearted, at breeze light cloud is thin in lead with meet but Anne's life.

I scrutinize distressed I in mirror and seem to be already to forget original shape.Each drama, I am I who sheds tears.Picked up a colourful pen, put on the scar that the years leave to go, re- draw up the eyebrow eye, is an oneself in drama again.I solemnly have already forgotten I is live in a drama inside, is still reality inside.Probably you my getting together to spread is a drama.Is too strange to go into a drama deeply, can not from already.No matter the elegance is several what, my Dai is eventually the drama son on your grandstand, water Xiu lightly dances of drama son, walk forever not near your drama son.

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