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Stand in front of the door of old house, spring is to look endless dark green wheat seedling;Summer, the cornfield of eyeful gold;In autumn, Michael Kors Large Fulton Crossbody Blackone person is many tall of the corn field rounded village to get up;Winter days, on falling, the snow's the earth one is pure.The northland scene to the utmost accepts eye bottom.At this moment, the earth is spotless, the person's heart imitated a Buddha to also get decontamination.Village inside mostly old house of time, people in the village like to take a stroll very much mutually, along with being finished of a bride chamber, people the taking a stroll of mutual is little, human interest nature also thin many.Economic benefits but day see obviously.Not distance, lately- set up several-storied building in the city left a village to only have several 100 meters.Lead not how long, morning of the sun will be covered by the high building of several 10 Fs, bright and beautiful sunlight again will hard shine on into my house.(: )Lately, bearer in the village, all was taking small car.Someone says to is an all the above staff......Visiting the appearance village was to can not guarantee.My old house will also tear down;Where should my elders person of hometown go to into again?That beautiful rural scenery will also all gone......I looking at my old house, the old house is silently alsoing looking at me.Two of us look at mutually like this."Old house""old house", we gather together of time isn't too long.I in mind like this and without intermission read Dao, say for "old house"......The copper Chuan head dissipates of a text net on November 23, 2012:/subject/3714218/If the Qing isn't negative, guards for you

68, the Buddha say:If the person can always look back from shine on, examine heart to read whether be greedy for well-known smell the benefit keep, once in a very long while it, the mind is from the state for canning promote to "month highest article the various breeze is quiet, the heart holds half Jie ten thousand good lucks empty".

Ever, you smiled, Gao Yun Dan in the sky, Michael Kors Large Fulton Crossbody Blackyou cried, the pear flower took rain, pure like aqueous time, everythings were an all riotous spring onion Long, at present, days pass, who also remember, when young those flowers blossom of come and go, the time is thin thin, some things, the breeze spread on blowing, those are dead silent fine, although hardly remember,have never forgotten as well.

Gave up, had already really given up. Be like to expend the achievement that the life strenuous effort coagulates but fall through because of some minor faults. Ever of you, so cheery, so young ……but disappear for an instant, remains that cheerless facial expression, breathed action.Don't notice more again, just light words, Michael Kors Large Fulton Crossbody Blacklet public bottom deeply one silk is ice-cold, beat cold war. Did you really give up? Don't report to hope at 1:00?That time of you, also so entertain a hope, can, now, I can see misty of you, everything's seeming to be already don't hope and really give up. Long three years, feelings accumulated. Here for an instant, turn into naught. Feelings of the sorrow often surges forward at heart, the not good felling always fills the air and is like drop of water, have been eroding.Didn't add, only constantly fell through. Life so penny one disappear, ever of you, have been emphasizing"time was like water in the sponge, not crowded is crowded not."But, today, you seem don't care. How want to see arrive ever of you, alacrity of you, always ready to smile of you …… tonight, I the wish prayed and came back!Everythings can save. The world isn't so heartless, I wish to pay 200% effort, changes you centesimal hope, I believe, I can find back ever of you.The whole is you, no matter when it is, regardless and what place, as long as remembering that figure, my confidence will re- spark. Giving up isn't the best choice, can not redeem oneself, either.Come back! Give up to rather believe again once, Ai nothing is greater than heart dead.Make us believe again once, expect the fire of hope be re- sparked. When you remember, may discover, in fact, don't need to be given up.The person having nearby is in fact a very nice choice. Give up, just evade, don't dare to face.Ever of you, can't give up.Just so-called"the wall pours public push" gave up, can take advantage o for other people of machine, don't give up, insist. I believe coming back!Put empty oneself

At with old rather one is short to get along with in, let me know to go mountain too much, Michael Kors Large Fulton Crossbody Blackknew too people of going the deep place.

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