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On Sunday, finally can relax to go out to walk together with lover.Sunlight bright and beautiful morning, we hold hands to come out family and breathe clear sunlight and the air of recreation. "The small area has a little old", the lover freely said a , Michael Kors Large Fulton Pebbled Crossbody LUGGAGEby hand pointed to point 1 be parked the car Ceng road tartar of crack. We are moving to live before decadeses.The time that just moved, everythings are all brand-new, the road, flower terrace and walls all make people feel a vitality, and inside in the flower terrace square has a kid to unsteadily learn step and the students to play ball to play every day. Enter to pass in and out a small area like this everyday, have never cautiously once seen, always thought that everythings still an original shape, the whole sceneries of small area can't change.Can cautiously see past today, but discover, a street lamp is slanting and a bit old, iron palisades has already spread all over a rust vestige, the sod has already been pressed by the vehicle as well of the spot Be motley to refute, the paint noodles on the wall outside the several-storied building is total still white, and some places have been already shed off.The garbage can has been already changed, no longer is at first and the style of view kit.The old man, who toughens in flower terrace square, is getting more, originally those children all have already grown up to have his/her own vaster world. "Unexpectedly, our small areas are so old", Michael Kors Large Fulton Pebbled Crossbody LUGGAGEI immediately after say. Time in decade, the small area inside 1.1 drops of breakage and variety, accumulates till today and shows us small area to become now old shape. Small area is also have life, will also elephant the person is similar,Slowly and slowly, A day and a day gets elderly.A lake car pressed to break down road tooth, was like a virus to assault body, a heavy thing Ke touched a view tree and was like to fall down to hurt physique at a time. Equally, we also and the small area walk through decade together, from imagine the youth of dream to walk the middle age of arriving the view practicality, hair white some, crease many some, outward appearance of with inside inside of, we are all old to go to a decade.Originally, the decade is in a hurry unexpectedly the not short paragraph in the life, Michael Kors Large Fulton Pebbled Crossbody LUGGAGEcan not recover of paragraph. The sunlight is in the breeze in morning abnormality of pure, looking at a lover at the side of body, think the life is just similar to this scenery to get elderly, pull of the hand is unbearable of fist.Sadness of revolting.

I rejoice, I can absorb nutrient in the writing, can some worries and feeling Wu, use childish rhyme feet, write on the plain Jian of annual rings, that sky of quiet beautiful, that delightfully fresh small grass, all melt in my light pen and ink, cover with dust, is a memory, open, is a years, if one day, can read to a wisp of spring idea when the person to pass by pays no attention to browse, then good ……

I once wrote in the writingAssociate three years& rdquo;Of pen pal.He is going to work in the organization dining room in the army camp at this time.Just arrived organization dining room to go to work, his heart already quick arrive despairing situation.In the organization dining room after three months of work, and lead to his guidance, Michael Kors Large Fulton Pebbled Crossbody LUGGAGEhe is again full of confidence and courage to the army camp career.He learns a lot of food of technique, although spare time of time is quite a few, he occasionally also writes and expresses endocentric emotion.The color reaches the boy compares in the organization at connect brigade easy, freedom.It is similar to is in the army camp.The army camp cares very much to make men and women to relate to indiscriminately, this also lets the color reach a boy to receive thus of make friends letter, have been being placed in an antinomy in the mind medium.He cautiously considers afterwards:She and I are common friends, this and make men and women to relate to have no much relation indiscriminately.I thought of this to write for her to answer the letter.The income in the army camp isn't high, but is this clean and pure comity.In this mind under the clean and pure sky, he would like to do like this.Color's reaching a boy doesn't have interleave girl like this.When the sending gives her gift, color's reaching boys is all delightful.He believes she is similar to is happy.She uses a genuine feeling infection and moves him.The gift probably isn't very worth money, but this clean and pure comity& mdash;—Its weight BEIs worth moneyOf.It uses how much all can not buy.Her reaching the boy's mind for color has been being exchanging sugar.Have been teaching him the method for opening mind eyes.Also church how he is start to build a bridge of love for mind.This clean and pure comity morely comes from the love in the mind.

To stir up the student's interest in the study specially want to pay attention to the social phenomena of knowledge and reality and living close combine, let the student feels that I learn now of is useful mathematics.Keep student from pursuing studies but learn, learn without the target, dull.Lead to go into like this while studying to"measure" one lesson such as me:The classmates are you to walk to go to school and face upward to hope Gao Gao of drill ground flaunt of five planets red flag, you whether really want to know flagpole have Gao much?Could you measure its height?Below ask the classmates to try and see.Let the solid example that the student cans see from the life, realize the importance, function of mathematics knowledge, stir up tremendous interest in the study of student and brave to investigate thus of spirit.

My mind at this time——What to leave is a false, cheat, drown, cold, selfish, heartless, negative, let these seven take root in my mind, germination, bloom, result, finally be poisoned to die.This is the black that they make me weave living.It has already destroyed I my soul have been very dirty, the mind has been ground.In addition to being bogus, do I brag to still can make what?The reality that I want be so——Dying to 10,000 times all have no is wrong.A year& mdash;—The writing day like this didn't appear in my life, my intense emotion again appeared while again appearing.Be far far larger than a past this time.The thinking space of writing also compare once enlarged several times, more than ten times even a hundredfold.The decision does and insists that the difference that do both is too big.I can feel to have no before so tired, on the contrary more of easy.All these really exercise to bring with nutritional product?Or the environment change——The person's mood change results in.I don't know woulding not like to understand, either.The felling like this is very good in my heart.Get up to all feel to be like Chong to conduct electricity every morning, the spirit is special of well, qualities compare a lot of strong in the past.I see the body in nowadays, the self-confidence compares before more of mightiness.Let me to the desire of writing more of mightiness.At the same time request more of strict, imitate a Buddha mind like volcano eruption, the fanaticism in the mind, imitate Buddha infusion very strong vitality.I imitate a Buddha to see to accelerate flowing blood inside the body.It flies to each part of body and flies to each blood vessel, the blood is more and more red, imitate statue of Buddha huge fireball, is violently burning, give my more perfect body.Probably my mind eyes are silently opening at this time, its seeming is seeming to tell me to my smileYou will rise a bridge of love for mind, eyes of your mind will also open.Really is so?Really can attain?The answer will have of, the life will also change.

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