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Till yesterday, new China bookstore saw Lin Hui while loitering about because of of personal biography, don't hestitate to buy back, have already browsed lesser half today, the square knows I which ability and Lin Hui because of compare.But female boss now that I with her contact together, by all means have likeness of place.But I feel to regardless is talent, scholarship, Michael Kors Large Hamilton Pickstitch Studded Tote TIGERexperience, qualities I is can not with of comparison.If put her small to put small put again small, don't want to say I and she has what likeness of the words of place, Michael Kors Large Hamilton Pickstitch Studded Tote TIGERso may because I once wrote some writings as well and revealed at that time the young girl sorrow thinks of state of mind.When road north bound now then and day and night and late walked suddenly realize, probably female the likeness said by boss, greatly parts of reason came from my opposite sex good luck.

The father mother is very busy in the daytime, in early morning sent to small cat to leave store son inside in my house a very near pet store.The time waited to take back in the evening, but truely became a pet.A cat cage of light blue, the cat nest of an outside blue inside white, a white of cat food bowl, there is also cat food, cat sand, wash a clean etc., what all well-found.Wash cleanly a small cat, still wear on the neck the item of the blue turn, Michael Kors Large Hamilton Pickstitch Studded Tote TIGERthe item fences in to still take small bell Dang, lovely pole.Probably is really a predestination, the floret cat heel our family cans border on, is getting more gentle and seemed to be completely to have no that kind of to wander about feline untamed nature.

In the morning, the bird wakes first sun rays in the morning ups.The eastern auspicious atmosphere curls up and flow Lan like Huan.Still in the sleeping, Michael Kors Large Hamilton Pickstitch Studded Tote TIGERthe Tashan's Ning is like jade green jade, quiet if place son.Air thus delightfully fresh, a few deep breathings after, heart Cheng the Che is empty clearly.The morning of Shan-li, clearly clean nice and secluded, cloud connect top of head to occasionally float, all seemed to be in the mountain spring to once wash several times.

The parasol tree of the front of temple door, don't know to experience how much transmigration of soul, spent for a few spring autumns, the leaf became yellow again and floated to concuss ground to fall at ground up, ask for the small monk displeasedly pickeds up broom constantly the defoliation before sweeping a door, Michael Kors Large Hamilton Pickstitch Studded Tote TIGERthe parasol tree takes no cognizance small monk of displeased, breathe temple quietly of joss stick.The bodhi tree of temple behind silently conceives oneself to spend a period and waits for the flower after blossoming for thousand years.And the lotus in the lotus pond also alone in the water the Yang is quiet quiet bloom, quiet quiet flutter

After literary reference spreads, Su east the ascent on these grounds wrote a《begonia 》 poem:The breeze of the east is curling up in the air to be suffused with Chong light, joss-stick fog fine drizzle the month turn a gallery.Night suspect deeply the flower sleep to go, so burn Gao Zhu Zhao's young woman.Is further chaseThe begonia spring sleepsPersonify.Ming Dynasty, Romantic brilliant scholar& rdquo;Tang Bo Hu enriched an imagination according to the literary reference and drew 《the begonia beauty's diagram 》 .《Six like recluse complete works 》 book three have 《begonia beauty 》 poem cloud:Fade to the utmost the east breeze all over the face makeup, have mercy on Die powder is as crazy as Feng.From now meaning who can say, the one spring heart pays begonia.

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