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I smell mud joss-stick and breathe delightfully fresh air, hope they pleased growth.Arrived the season of result, I still was helping father, hugging of an is in the bosom orderliness of put them on the wood car.The mother chases their airing of one one again, processes into face powder and lets us eats that nests with very sweet savory head.Remembers that looking like is very black, but, sweet and matchless, want to come up to now, also loose remaining endless, enjoy in retrospect everlasting.Long sweet potato joss-stick, the day of winter inside, I positively can not get away from you, I who separate three to differ five am always going to enjoying of beautiful Zi Zi once, that simple taste, that natural sweet flavor, feeling Wu the lingering charm of the great universe, feel the echo that comes from heart bottom, always can not forget to accompany with my long sweet potato joss-stick.The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3714408/Suffer from terminal disease, never immunity

The Buddha mountain seems to be more to give me the imagination in the daytime and gives me the intense emotion for struggling more.No matter is struggle or the intense emotion should own real strenght.Have then real strenght can work well the whole affairs.The real strenght would not° until pass to study get of, and would not° until after the fulfillment of long term own.It is living in the city like this, letting me knowing the importance of association.This the second months feeling Wu being also after I arrive Buddha mountain arrive.If I don't associate, can let I more of solitude, more lonesome.The association can make me open mental horizon, increase knowledge and increase understand to the person.The association can make me more of maturity, more of happiness.Friend is associate with the real mind, Michael Kors Large Hamilton Traveler Gooseberryonly have then the exchanges of mind and mind can let two unfamiliar hearts understand mutually, mutual trust.When two hearts tightly contact together, you can go into to die for friend's birth, can share worry for friend.We aren't independent in the life, our wanting to associate is as a lot of as the person becoming friends with.I am gradually acquainting with the environment here.Whether the environment here found back my intense emotion and another enthusiasm from lose.Whenever I shuttle on the asphalt road, ear's seeming to be always to have a kind of very strong voice beside is encouraging me, encourage that I step to dependably and actually walk each one step in steady now and encourage that I don't lower the head to the frustrate and the difficulty.All of any affairs is urgently don't come, Michael Kors Large Hamilton Traveler Gooseberryit has certain regulation and technique, is also need to be horary.Music rings out in the dawn, music in dawn always brings a person easily and joy.Joy the nature show unintentionally from the mind.Music has already become the friend in my life, it brings me matchless happiness and bring me endless of confidence.It is a kind of will to struggle, this kind of will has to come from better mindset, let a better mindset treat each living should work well of affair.No matter what work all from the difficult start of, don't experience a difficulty how can attain successful terminal point, successful terminal point BEThe will& rdquo of spirit and challenge never given up;.Succeed isn't a difficult matter, but see how you go to and develop you of just can, make use of the brains of your cleverness to still have how you face is at present of the difficulty reach agreement definitely difficult method and adjustment mindset of method.The relation with confidence very above both, so your leaving the road of success isn't very far away.

Spend quiet strong fragrance the fragrant and dark joss-stick float, aromatic don't show from living, living an interest not.The person is quiet the Yong permit stylish.Not not the fire, spirit sink a pubic region, vegetable however peaceful.Don't embellish, need not gong and drum to set off intentionally, need not pen and ink Juan engrave;If the dragonfly orders water, delicately and extremely.

Took to recall to silently pass away to hold and hope to silently come today but gleam again tomorrow yesterday glorious wait for having of the person sinks and immerses to continue to long for in the recollection yesterday have of the person be fond of and inebriate at magic in look forward to tomorrow but all forgot most should what Jean saw is precious today today isn't very short day? I have the diligence study been not brief 24 hours today since tomorrow? Since tomorrow I am earnest to work isn't 1/365 today? I have struggled for business since tomorrow-some people think like this, is also do like this of belong to a person only today the person who abandons today will also abandon him today at a time and he also have no tomorrow if the person's whole life thus lead the years so elapsing will stay in personal life history to last time recall~to the mind such as a miserable tragedy, will also blend regret and regret deeply to toss with sad tears falsely time at damage life of only even if hard don't wallow in yesterday at developing ideal road, don't hesitate tomorrow everything from now on, since todayToday, and then thought of you

I have no what too many exclamations, because the Chinese foot has short, the inch have long, be like me to just arrive at a society, the time begin to work, drive factory the owner stir-fry the time of squid similar, the owner of that factory's opening is 600 dollars every month for my wages and dismiss me afterwards, dismissing my reason BE----This kid, brain and mouth move much and move littlely on the hand.Be getting more regrettable, Michael Kors Large Hamilton Traveler Gooseberryunfortunately what I did was the work for beginning, otherwise estimated that I haven't so easily been dismissed at that time.

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