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In childhood always what affairs all measured with elder sister's company, had no words not to say with elder sister, also directly caused, have what secret, or make trouble, we were two to all are first knew, absolute no one told father the mother, this also directly caused, and old mama's time sighed 1 after knowing:"The white keeps you these two cold stare wolves..."

There is the opportunity of study cherishing, diligently work properly to accept.Create with the hard-working hands.At study of in the process, affirmation will meet frustrate and frustrated.Want to solve it with the intelligence at this time.Frustrate, Michael Kors Large Jet Set Jeweled Saffiano Multifunction Case Wfrustrated——It isn't terrible.Is terrible——It be vanquished by the oneself.The study is a happy affair, it will let your unseen enrichment.Life more of beauty.Singing is more beautiful, change to listen to of song.It needs a mind to develop and protects, so the life would be more fine, it is my friend, in mind is a bloomy snow lotus.You have no capital now, after going out even compare here not equal to, your true hope so?I ask Wang Xiao Jun.I don't hope so.His equanimity's saying.I know the mood at this time of Wang Xiao Jun.The taste being criticized isn't pleasurable, it can make us grow up.The road of growth sometimes accompanies with storm and sometimes accompany with a joys song joke.The road of growth isn't Bon voyage.It wants to pay to be born to in the clout of sweat and strenuous effort.What is the sweat ?The sweat is like seed, it be not a while will take root, sproutlace, bloom, result of, it is to need elaboration of look after and protect, also is to need moistenning of rain water, the Pu of sunlight shines on, so it just can from take root a result.The sweat is like the organ of our body and need us to take good care of good it, otherwise pay the sweat of to can not get result.What is the result ?The result is a kind of success, also a kind of failure, Michael Kors Large Jet Set Jeweled Saffiano Multifunction Case Wbecause we do what affair, all is to experience failure first, then experiencing is successful.Successfully mean to again pay, again of challenge, failure equally means to again absorb to fail medium precept, again of discover the shortage of oneself, what is the strenuous effort ?Is a kind of unseen spirit, this kind of spirit call persist, persist to equal to walk oneself to think correct life road forever, which afraid career wind blows and rain beats down, which the stroke of afraid career failure, still want to insistently stand down.

Then you thought of predecessor again and thought of those in love with of memory.You finally and certain, the love like this is existent, you once owned, so can not give up now.You have ever been to afar and once saw the most beautiful scenery, so you still wanted to again own.

51, the Buddha say:The human life life span because is brief, just seem to be precious more.It is rare to come to a human life, should ask if the behavior developed his/her own innate ability, but don't persistently begged longevity.

Snow copies bridge hole and flow snow to grow long like Mian, the attractive forest tuft Cu cotton white hugs to bind, Gu the cold river ditch be sealed by the cold winter ice, the river coast becomes the snow of row to tremble a dance, a group of children are in snow ground frolic play, heartily joys song, Michael Kors Large Jet Set Jeweled Saffiano Multifunction Case Wthis snow war of madness, snow ball dances in the wind and plays the heart of enjoying the kid and aroused me ever the memory of childhood, the winter of this Chiang-Nan, snow in Yugoslavia, my that kid in the story interest, pure, at growth of the gradual disappearance in the image.

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