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You embrace me tightly and lightly daut my long hair.Can't make your one more people walk forever.In fact, I have been walking at your have been being waiting you to turn head after death.When the love came

Joe old 《the setting sun is red 》 :"Is the most beautiful however the setting sun is red, sweet again calmly."Write much well!This is the magic power of art the United States.The end tail that still there is 《is difficult to forget tonight 》 is "green mountain at, the person didn't be old", it make people enjoy in retrospect endless.There is also 《wish China 》, 《 900,000,000 farmers 》, 《 yellow river boat tracker song 》, 《 ten precinct chiefs the street send a premier 》 etc., all left to me very deep impression, became a song with beautiful and moving head in my heart.

On that day, because love, I met you, Michael Kors Large Jet Set TopZip Tote BROWNwe each other acquaints with.Have occasionally once there been contact as well since that day, after parting on bad terms, broke continuously and continuously, even also once have no news, but from now on in the life seem many some things of essential to haves, if namely if leave, that concerns about and has never interrupted.Have already done not recall, Michael Kors Large Jet Set TopZip Tote BROWNis what make us many a joys voice joke, little silent few speech.Gradually, our exchanges much get up, each time your happy, not happy, all once shared with me, every time, a salute, one guides, you are also all calm to accept, be you nearby of the friend gradually find out ownly depend on, you once felt standing alone as well, you are matchless to painfully get off the heart to me, Michael Kors Large Jet Set TopZip Tote BROWNand I once in earnest answered you as well:I can become your to depend on.Your affectation didn't listen to clear, you told your pain and sufferings of bringing of other people, but refused happiness that I give you.From now on, I then love, deeply cover up heart bottom, still be like before so, heard the story that you tell point intravenous drop drop, just, pain and sufferings has already extended in the heart bottom 200%, torment pure of heart.The life is always ordinary, but always pays no attention, look for ordinary life medium you that figure that acquaint with is sometimes in a hurry through doorway quick glance, sometimes is to farawaily eye, two walls, still keep canning not hold up against, pay attention to your heart.Once persisted, also led crazily, just hope earnestly now, can see the smiling face that that acquaints with every day, till the day could not seen any further.You have never kept off and have never disappeared as well, just my world, can not achieve your scenery.Then define from now on good friend.You once said:It are the good friend's persons to fall in love to specially dislike those.I know that your in the mind has already had my position, just that has never been what I originally want to own.In that moment, I am to how think to loudly tell you:"I love you", but combining not only only was the good friend's care and love, but also once was refused of love deeply.Do you know?And you are together each moment, I am very happy, listen to your voice felt unprecedented equanimity.I not kind speech, but also very hard of look for you interested in topic, because I frightened, silent will deepen our distances, once took you to once see music evening party, at you a person alone unmanned keep company with.Want to accompany you to up the study hall, want at you enjoy calmness, Yin bad the sun wrongly did amiss position, faraway distance, seem mean we are together very difficult, I am also deeply self-reproach, have never had confidence you to belong to my precious time.On the road of returning to, step also always so of quick, have never experienced personally rambling delighted.Order in that time, seemed to miss be forever, pain and sufferings forever covers up in the heart bottom.The overdue love letter has already lost its storage term, hides on this dead hour, this moment, and this forever is you but flutter of of heart.Mild depiction, have no prosperous, Michael Kors Large Jet Set TopZip Tote BROWNbut pole exert earnestness.(: )The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3714387/The luck is ability

The irrelevant romantic didn't drift along in life and was good enough to prosperous put a sentiment of love, in the mind, there is firework, there is warm sun, there is also poem...

Gameness the history cloud and mist is really long, aery cross numerous times.The emperor king will mutually and all reluctant to part with, however majority didn't decree by destiny.Is aery hard settle from cradle to the grave, several ten times suddenly die.Is difficult to anticipate how their idea is, life can the another kind lead.

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