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The elder sister gave me 《Lu strand the lousy driftage record 》 that pronounces a version and saw in the beginning while being grade three, I was drawn on by this book!The male Lu strand of the host in the book is lousy can a person live in the isolated island of boundless unmanned smoke so long.I feel very miraculous.I reread this book while being grade five, profoundly drive Lu strand lousy body up that meets a difficulty calm face, go forward courageously of spirit be infected.Yes, the adverse circumstances most can toughen person, think of oneself 8 years old that year, Michael Kors Large Jet Set Travel Satchel NAVYI with elder brother, younger sister, have fun in the top of hill, all carelessly fell off down.I fall off most seriously and hit a head, Michael Kors Large Jet Set Travel Satchel NAVYan in fine threads warm up the blood of gluing the silk fabric from my head of slide, then become icy cold, fructify.The clothes before the chest were photogenic to grow of flower, red and very gorgeous dazzling.

The in the book says that much time is us to become accustomed to some affairs, don't know, this is the bitterness.Be like Zheng Wei, have no positive of day, in fact have already become accustomed to a person, not bitter, not tired, just occasionally, have a little loneliness.

But when I arrive at Guilin to personally witness these so-called and affectionate landscapes, but completely have no so a kind of felling that endows with a feeling rhyme very much, even overturned oneself always for the viewpoint of landscape famous spot.The all of a sudden is anti- to pour to feel landscape there is no friendship to be talked, is just we these in a hurry the visitor is too affectionate.Always wishfully make own feelings being attached to the innocent landscape strong in, at these originalThe whole body is light Yan& rdquo;Of inset in the landscape up negative heavy of aureole.In fact a person once the burden that carried on the back feelings, then can not do it any further natural and unrestrained calmly.

Xxx is a hard luck woman.The time that is young grows in the village and got married afterwards, just borned a kid, husband wear the stripe.Her a person takes a kid, a person lives.Old men of the same neighborhood slaver her beautiful looks and always deeply intrude into her house more at the midnight, door how the crest also can not hold against.Keeping a few brutish big german shepherds afterwards is still also useless!After several years, husband finally jail, think that finally the bitterness day cook arrived a head.But have no peace how long, the husband had an affairs again and abandonned her and kid.

The dream reflux tossed around after the year endless Fang China but lose for looking for of fine, cold color empty Ji in again have who the red Xiu add joss-stick to dye endless hoary head and listen to the she sigh, usually of the granite plank step on pedestrian tears rain in succession of secondary rainbow clothes, but we still the lights is decayed, Tang Shi Song's phrase.We all at practice moral teachings

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