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I to postpone life building, while ascending red Fang already person go to the Fang is empty.Thing already not yesterday thing, person already not yesterday person.

That setting sun has already sped the step that oneself leaves, the horizon of that twilight faintness, appear the facial appearance that you smile, have no calming down of speech quiet hope, can not control feelings of want to tell my to remember fondly, you but the disappearance disappear, the don't finish of remember fondly, eventually will spread into dust smoke with you.

Fall a text, thought of that a dialect of the Jin north of Shanxi calls "the Meng falls".Meaning is while judging an affair that is hard to anticipate, there is no how to consider that thoughtful observed an idea circumstance, by dint of first felling while impulsively ordering about but make policy.Know for a sky for the writer year old, the feeling Wu of life, Michael Kors Large Jet Set Travel Satchel PALMthe Meng falls a phrase to use more practical in the aspects of choosing love marriage.

By so doing, more and more men become single;The woman is also many choice, resulted in now the divorce lead a high result.Once someone says hereafter wanted to practice two man monogynies;It is all of a rumor or future policies to ignore these first aren't commendable.We since have already escaped from the tradition that the ancient times spreads, if again have viewpoint like this, Michael Kors Large Jet Set Travel Satchel PALMthat not is progress but is a step backwards;The monogamy is most absolutely the way of doing of the wise exactitude most, can not change.Although the time that practices now met a lot of difficulties,I believe that the difficulties can solve;Way as long as someone moved brain to think and then went, but if the policy changed, that all wanted to arouse a lot of disputes.

When we are all same target in the heart, the same ideal walks to arrive together of time, these are our fates, this is the opportunity of our mind and mind exchanges, this is the melody that we put to fly together, let us together study, progress, in the same storm-tossed boat.When we mutually meet in the same city, the same small town of time, I and you greet each sunrise, each setting sun, each night, each happiness, each annoyance, your happiness so I am happy, you annoyed so I am annoyed.Friend, it is a song to mutually meet, she is beautiful and moving.Friend, it is a poem, her sentiment but feeling to mutually meet person.Friend, it is your my fate to mutually meet.When we from unfamiliar arrive familiar of time, we greet the rains and winds of life road together and greet rainbow of life road together and let the pure fragrance highland barley wine take annoyance for a day, let the crisp oil tea bring one happy, a wish, a good luck, bring a mind the most beautiful song of deep place.Friend, the comity is you, I conduct together and protect.The comity is you, I use mutual comprehension, mutual the trust build up.The comity lets you I am no longer standing alone, no longer lonesome, but the opportunity of much a few happinesses and study.The friend lets the comity sproutlace in my heart and bloom at you, Michael Kors Large Jet Set Travel Satchel PALMresult.True love loves to have no speech

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