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Thing of this, Be risen to calm down.Eventually old thing, in calm down.The sensory world is an illusion, empty is a color;Is quiet pole like this empty, empty pole like this quiet.Quiet is carefree cloud that beyond the horizon floats to sink, quiet is cover with dust already a long time ancient city gate, quiet is a spool of to be suffused with aloes wood of through the text, Michael Kors Large Miranda Novelty Tote LUGGAGEquiet is a garden pond Wu from angle for fish of old man.Quiet is tolerant of mercy, quiet is awakeningly repent, quiet is stay calm and collected of Mei, quiet is incomparable United States.But any is quiet and all is an arrive deep place of soul to harvest plentiful Ying of practice moral teachings.

At I happy, the mother will accompany me happy, the mother is very anxious to to be subjected to by body generation while weeping over at me, the mother understands my pain and sufferings, a time per time in the head quarter and I talk heart, patiently of say to me:"Although you are my foster daughter,you are my daughter in my in the mind, I am your mother, Michael Kors Large Miranda Novelty Tote LUGGAGEyou the enough little father love, you also own the mother's love of an integrity, the person's whole life, always some affairs involuntarily, Michael Kors Large Miranda Novelty Tote LUGGAGEshould learn to accept, should not let momentary frustrate, influence you to the living ability to make judgment, although will have a difficulty,should not let your mind full with Huang grass, you should learn a lover, should also learn be loved, before ignoring road whether is frustrated, always need to believe, hope in place ahead not distance."The mother's inculcation, up to now still just ear response, pleasing way the words for coming influenced my whole life.

For the second time, I completely didn't remember at that time and listenned to the father recall to say to is a bowl of point to put at forehead up!I can not imagine that scene now.

Certainly, the formation of good class of breeze, atmosphere of a school isn't one dynasty one night and accomplishes in one moves of, but a long-last process, form master only control class the different characteristics of the collective development stage, adopt a fitting method, just can availably guide class collective of growth.

Only music like this can comfort 18 years of scar in my mind.This is that I arrive in the blue hotel Wu.I like two kinds of music& mdashes like this for the madness in the blue hotel;—Wild wolf and lotus east calculates 1 kind, another is a piano.These two kinds of music are all like bewitchingly beautiful woman& mdash;—Temptation and seduce me.I can not attain to refuse them, they can relax me nervous mood, alleviate the pressure of my heart, their imitating a Buddha is a kind of medicine, a kind of treatment mental paroxysm good medicine.Mind eyes being probably my close already a long time have been already opened——Just can there is understanding like this.

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