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Pot inside the universe is big, the years in cup is long.Hold an azure stone flower language, a warm current follows the grain of center of palm of hand to slowly flow to drip, although have never drunk, also smooth Mou, warm heart.See smoke curling up in the air Nana, is a flowering tea to unfold weak if visit silky breathing, again such as confused current affairs of whirling, shear continuously, reason still disorderly, but finally float aery boundless, can not stand a to shear pleasant breeze to lightly kiss but spread, seamless vestige.Only, the fragrant Ming in the cup is more elegant more the Cheng is clean, also more Xin joss-stick.Chase an ancient plain heart, together with the country years, superficial 3,000, together toss at inside, thin article, slowly swallow, enjoy in retrospect, chase the passing years of dashing discomfort, drink quiet water have no wave, seethe disturbingly noisy life time elephant, drink chilly and quiet, this it could be a kind of Chan certainly practices moral teachings.

But Chongqing, I have to not have a regret, have to not have already Chang-an been like of go that similar regret.I want to be like to be the first time I walked at help south similar, one step one step of measured land that lovely of city!

Tonight, and let I am in one"do not forget me" of cup' cloud Ya water side, the previous incarnation that remembers me old dream, Michael Kors Large Miranda Quilted Tote Blackengrave the taste of recording this moment, any fragrant Ming, the half goes into loose breeze, half go into Chan.

The vision that everyone uses to apprehensive looking at an east ascent, how the modern wine expect in come to one& ldquo;Curio& rdquo;?See many chivalrous men and beauty doubt don't understand, Su east the ascent then introduce myself way& mdash;—

So we see caution that the cow is particularly, don't dare a little bit diverted, so as not to the cow eats the other people's rice.The cow Ye is lovely, it eats grass in the side the side often observe you with cow eyes and want ~only you slightly inattention, its mouth a slanting, ate one Dou grain, immediately IPa& rdquo;Of a per whip the son is past.The cow also feels to do a wrong matter and silently make you beat a while, from attend to eat its grass.The some family is afraid the cow eats the grain of his house and rest a rand very narrow, let cow however, but usually on grass of rand like this very exuberant, have of see a cow of the person Be it happened that to want to lead long a cow to see in the past, the result trampled that rand to fall, and can see farmer and see a cow a person mutually scold on the second day, the matters even fighting may take place.Sometimes 2 sees a cow person's running into to ask you the cow of house together and from a distance is the Gu a cow still a sand cow, Michael Kors Large Miranda Quilted Tote Blackare Gu cows, then want to from a distance separate such as all of two cows, in order to prevent fight.So on the countryside in summer autumn, piecemeal take rain hat or dozen wear to hide a parasol of see a cow person, then became a scenery of countryside.

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