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I imitated a Buddha to comprehend its to do regardless of personal safety a while.I sit here and again is why?Not is also waiting for a miracle, one is courageously cheerfulOrderIn distracted in, the electric current in the in hopes of destiny, suddenly flow out each procedure of full my computer.Imitate a Buddha red-blooded the Chong Ying is each organ on my body a while.Open Ying to hold:Open a window way of mind;Banishment from already of the soul work properly, at ten thousand in limitless, brilliant starlight, or if the rains and winds hand over to add in the whole world and mutually meet at the angel in the heart?Isn't also combustion with no regret from already of life?

The sunlight in autumn is like a way golden light to spread on his face, on the body to feel all over the heat wave being flowing out, in the surging.His fascination doesn't reduce, hence he flung off bulky travelling bag and exceeded to open the big step walks toward the building of Guan Qiao to, because there am the good place that people sing a hymn to sing to endow with from thou.He is mumbling to oneself:I how can miss this once in a lifetime, express affective of good opportunity?

Wen Chun's a pot of homesickness, at breeze light cloud is thin in run about, the Hui of first sun rays in the morning, Mu the color late, the Yin opens you a spool of tightly bind of worry.The blossom of flying carries a stamp of dream, the eyes fill transparent, look for a square the subtle fragrance of the mud.Slowly the Yang opens a lovely small umbrella, curling up in the air Nana, is fragrant what spent, insert an oneself lucid and attractive hair.Supple finger tip, leads long a small piece time, on sky cool good autumn, performing should have of gentleness.Soft wing, change magically a seamless autumn dream, be like fog, be like rain, Michael Kors Large Miranda Zipper Shoulder Bag LUGGAGEand then be like breeze, float the beauty of poem kind.Awkward and shy vision sees the autumn rhyme that the small bridge flowing water of Chiang-Nan , on holding a gold color, settle space the abyss of time in the memory.Breeze of flowing, takes you Pian Xian forward, Jiao soft body Zi, bloom water country in the dream.Wander about of day inside, tread if green smoke, a few white clouds of soft and charming, disorderly drift on water of feet.A few honks wake up with a start the dream world of nursery tale sort, the half is two pure frosts, Michael Kors Large Miranda Zipper Shoulder Bag LUGGAGEtreat coldly to smile a shadow like snow.The salute of autumnal rains makes you have the reality to shed tears, Ju water washes enough, and a flower seed now sets up household.The tears that the rambling rose spends

Fall a pen to contain poem, hope so you can understand and give you a look in the eyes of smile, awkward and shy turn round to leave.Toss around of Fei Ce for an instant, then the control doesn't live of heart palpitates, I know that the that time waited to finally lose your appearance in the soul, fall in miss your purdah.Even if the Cang sea is one Su, the whole body is sad don't know as well from but tell, I will know, some, some engrave, be I miss you of time, will appreciate your smile, melted me, at that time return calculate muddled juniority.

Pomegranate tree curved bow wear body, effort tilts to one sides to the other party, and then the tree body of this cave convex gravamen contained the place that the convenience stops for a rest, nature often became the whereabouts that I wait very naughty kid's game, have already had ancient sparse age and withstand the monkey of the urchins to climb at the rim of bowl thick tree body so much, still prosperous exuberant.

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