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The reality is too ruthlessness, the public is too narrow, even if is the red dress woman that faces extremely beautiful to can not witness the body Zi of her charming, either.The any dust is too noisy Be getting more miscellaneous, can not endure purely and appreciate with Xin of Mu, this any dust too utility, can not endure a pure love and Chi fan, even if is to the red dress woman is again love just also can Yu Yu but eventually, a lot of wishes think that can be stayed to fine dreamland in, only provide oneself have fun, comfort.Own wound, own pain, can bear just by himself/herself, who can't understand, either, who can not also body flavor.

6, close a valley:You listen to, I am full to support today of, have already not felt sleep a house not to return, suppress till the last a check in a restaurant first, then take her big nephew to arrive at here with my girl friend, know perfectly well a girl friend at in be adjusted harmonious drama, Michael Kors Large Selma JewelTrim Satchel Whitebut beat a few mosquitos of hours at the door!Do you feel that the general person does to get!

Some people knew a lifetime and saw a lifetime but neglected a lifetime, but some people clearly just know very short time but remembered a lifetime in the brain.

2, might it not be axioms:A, any affairs all have no surface to look so in brief;Two, all matters will be longer than time that you anticipate;Three, will the affair head quarter coming amiss come amiss;Four, if you are worried that a certain affair takes place, so he more probably take place.

What is the this present life one dream, several for joys?Is gorgeous, if peach Lee, cold, if red plum, after the time flows to turn, as well difficult succeed in escaping scattered become the destiny of mire.Being windy and rainy ground to groundly fall is red, the tears that the heaven abandons, in vulgar life time world of mortals, Michael Kors Large Selma JewelTrim Satchel WhiteWu from flirtatious pass away.The Shang in the years , in Chiang-Nan landscapes of layers after layer firework, as well turn to make bitter and astringent Ai to blare.Thou way ex- the door heaven the cool horizontal longitudinal moss is the previous incarnation things of the past that can not bring up and climb a heart window to tightly entwine, don't spread like the demon.Aforetime shallow tired and pure joys, wander about unhurriedly in the passing years of style of writing, several empty pen, in spite of to wrong, don't ask black and white.

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