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The breeze raises the white curtain of hospital, her body floats a window outside with the breeze, that slice of cry a voice be jilted at after death.Sunlight at the right moment, she imitates a Buddha to see an old companion fore face her to beckon with the hand, his after death have a rightness of snow-white wings.She to young so run to rush toward to go into his to embrace to him.She hears him saying:I take you home.She is a little bit wearing a smile to nod.

Is more long with time that others gets in touch with, I more like a dog, the dog is a dog forever, and the person sometimes isn't a person!

Next day, air temperature probably only 4, 5 C is or so, this is in my memory, the first is next to region in the flat ground to suffer thus low temperature, just feel seem special chill not.Probably being Suzhou region in Jiangsu is one belonging to is drier of mainland type weather area, Michael Kors Large Selma Messenger Blackis different from with damp ocean type weather in Taiwan of past.Although the temperature didn't reach a freezing point, under the so low temperature, still have been expecting the sky can the miracle appear and floated goose hair snowflake, but still can not one Chang long-cherished wish.

In the billowing world of mortals, the owner is usually all difficult to take off a feeling word, the genuine feeling is like the good dinner wine made to make by fermentation, flavor rhyme the Hun is thick, let us be addicted to inebriate with soul.When love and be loved one personal deep love to pain, when love to become toward thinking Mu to think, contain how much of pure tears desire drop.In addition to Lian window, plum studio wood sheds leaves to float zero Xians month sky.I have been leading long to read, Michael Kors Large Selma Messenger Blackclench heart to winter in 2014 and disappointed.It is seldom careless to only go on further, chase wine to be song into the Chi dream.If winter a fresh and cool song in cold frost longs for to lead a Ying ear still, my fan receives of the look in the eyes is illusory, Xia one mouthful the coffee Qin that doesn't sugar wet double of lipses.Try to warm plum of winter Lin Zui, don't do the sun in autumn to come to a dream person.Have been lending for a night towards in winter slicing to long for, my desire, the bise dilution ice solution, then should that plum Lin Yun's carrus comfortable mood.Tonight, lends a wine solution to worry more sorrow.The things of the past is like breeze, the road Yao gradually goes to gradually and far and gradually have no book, and the winter days dream falls in a dream dream not to come to.The helpless thoughts and feelings goes back and forth in breeze snow, plum forehead wood worries a word and sings cold snow and inebriate in look for a shadow, in vain.Only wanders about, at lonesome and clean but again romantic season, the sorrow depends on a deep window, is more frightened than plum Lin Zhui Meng.

If the whole everythings all vanish quickly, I rather do same dream during a lifetime and have you the dream in dream in have me.If was a mistake in the beginning, Michael Kors Large Selma Messenger Blackall feeling in that my wager.Which afraid till the last still with cuts and bruises all over, I also with no regret.Only because for you once to my made me unload to allly take precautions against.

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