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Ever of I was full of in personality extreme, all things all must a result, and must be oneself all expectation of that result;If be not, you wait to see, affirmation will fish dead the net break.I don't know because ruin like this how much precious love, but after losing, I finally see pure I this.Everybody is an all independent individual, we should comprehend mutually and respect.Love, really need to be studied.

With the felling, airplane already at Chu sky on, my regrets is at the clean and pure sky of "a long distance mist-shrouded waters, the evening haze Kuo in Chen Chen Chu sky".Is in a moment, airplane the is after Lu mountain.But can break to settle, morning fog Be overalied to the true character of Lu mountain, definitely not clean.The crisis facing in front at people so much include certain understanding, want to treat kindly oneself.But the sky can also re-appear glowworm and river in the sky to mutually act in cooperation of beautiful scenery?The sky grows no chance east to shed tears

You say that I don't regret today's decision, can I know, your in the mind forever at dull pain, Michael Kors Large Selma Messenger Navythat is the my Shi for moon hair on the sky, the wish of stars to the sky, I how to let it doesn't complete.Some matters in mind know like, some problems share with you enough.What they discuss, cloud the thin breeze is light, float to spread with the breeze.But I, continue the silent Jian go himself/herself, or the price of growth, again or smile to contain of tears.The point of these time witnesses intravenous drop drop, long-last of long-last of stay at your in the mind.

The memory of the youth inside, want, always have pursuing of an ages the dream, there is also the special feature man's natural character to belong to that time.Tainted with the color ever, explained that time of touched.

The preceding context mentions"The psychological stress that the owner bears bears than the employee of the psychological stress is big."Because the employee only needs to make this officers and workers to work well.The owner needs consideration expenditure for a month, income.The employee doesn't need to face these, is also have no what opportunity face.Face all these to need intelligence.The intelligence includes eloquence, literary talent etc..Take an owner for the investigation that synthesizes character to a person, how namely the earnings don't suffer a deficit again, and then let wine shop to farsighted develop, all of these pressure that are the owners to bear in the heart.The owner wants to face the customer's various look in the eyes to still need to face the request and opinion that the customer makes.When I modify November in elaboration 17, discover while writing good diary for two days on the 18th all of the contentses that have been already recorded in the diary are what Peking can never be given to people and is not likely to give person, more important in this city, let me know to work hard and bear with more from the mind of meaning.Also increase many stirring thinkings in the diary at the same time while modifying diary, the contents of stirring sympathy, all of these contentses are a strong side that can give people.When I am keeping diary time every day, the mind rises all is outstrip two words.Outstripping two words to start to speak about is easy, do but very difficult, it needs a kind of diligence, a kind of mindset for going forward, Michael Kors Large Selma Messenger Navyregardless what affair, don't experience the study in long time, the fulfillment is to can not head for successful.While being also get ahead while succeeding alignment.Once did a part-time job in the company of have of realization, the person and affair who had could not realize.While giving the private owner the part-time job, a lot of affairs and otherses all the ability is from the mind deeply the feeling Wu come out.When feeling Wu arrived these, result and joy discovered to once own, however is now the difficulty for experiencing of life road.When the difficulty of now becomes successful of joy, just calculate up to truely own the one world that belong to the oneself.

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