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Together meet, think the good luck that you aren't a life, wait you but is a life of wrong, ask come a calculate, flower go to one etc., also have how much heart palpitates of cold, but someone living of tears, a drop per good luck, the one is a Chi, the life is helpless, tore go to no chance, come of destine so deeply, Michael Kors Large Selma Saffiano TopZip Satchel VANILLAthink of Ci don't so true, old sky of wait I to read to walk limits of the earth, smile my heart palpitates all the year round of afar, hang up everything of ever, swept warmth before the tears, who gather wrong wine, who saw wrong to joke about, flower broke to the words, the person walks the heart spread and read one, Chi a day, limits of the earth no chance.

Worrying cloud time in the heart is wild, hard put just difficult end this kind of hard to carry on day, even the doctors can not promise I when can descend ground to walk, I can walk one step to see one-step.

After finishing seeing the writing in"we time that need to be helped, again the contact isn't late either" of the farmland Yuan of author, I once had two viewpoints.I don't approve the author's idea while finishing this prose at first sight.If between friend and friend, have never contacted at ordinary times, time that need to be helped again contact, is the friend like this really a friend.If in very long period of time that didn't have connection, two people's distance more walks more far, even connected the other party to change contact none of method to know, so really can?If the place of help that didn't need doesn't contact, that we not is miss much very important time in the other party life.After finishing seeing this prose, I thought a lot.Oneself once overturns he or she's first regrets as well, I thought, interpersonal personality difference, so viewpoint by himself/herself is have difference of.In view of a certain angle, the author's standpoint also vibrates my heart.Hence, I think that the friends to me says:"Although I is very strong,still will be relied on to you, the turning point requests you help, Michael Kors Large Selma Saffiano TopZip Satchel VANILLAI didn't feel to be bothering you and seemed naturally.Although you are very strong,you will also be relied on to I, the turning point requests me help, I will sign a horse to release my affair and don't hestitate of rush at you.We are friends, we keep in touch.We are friends, if you are too busy, that time that need to be helped again the contact isn't late either."

Can I believe, whether people know its existence or not, whether appreciate, the wild chrysanthemums will present one clear Huang in the open country in autumn and send forth own subtle fragrance.

A person's birth, you can say with smile his growth of, you can analyze to figure out his future, but plus facing of yesterday for the sake of own instinct, judgment cover today, walk to ownly smile, smile to ownly say, speak own voice, every day total amount oneself's words, speak different comprehension every day, you are you, flying of in a dream, think a medium change, other people of read to didn't your judgment quick, the other people's guess doesn't have your analysis quick, your speed, the one and only, your growth, not an equal in the world, your correction, the world contains a rainbow.

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