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Buddha Yue:Forget and be unequal to existence never, the whole comfortable come from a choice, not intentionally.Rather let go, Michael Kors Large Selma TopZip Satchel Blacklet go of more much, more feel to own of more.

The autumn is originally tasteless, have never as well flicked it doesn't go of grief, people of this world thousand sorrows give an autumn too many helpless disappointed, the light sorrow thinks.Too the autumn then became to consign grief of a kind of objective carry a body.Autumn like a drop of the tears that wept over 1000 years, head quarter gradually people of this world that is shallow to hide touchy-feely.

Person this lifetime can hardly let go of in the past, I tried a lot of time, had been all being banding together to hesitate.This time, I is since pen name, since blog of.I don't know what the meaning that do like this is, just wants to forget some matters that don't want.If is previous, I promises a choice to go out distant journey or goes to the unfamiliar place to go to work, think all nearby is a stranger will be a little bit pleasurable, or in the unfamiliar place, probably will forget a lot of matters.All just discover afterwards, originally current social intercourse platform not at nearby, but on the network.So, I forget to pass by since network this time.This is a very difficult process, for I an a fondness for writing to say, wrote on the previous blog a lot of, say to let go of to still is really a difficult matter.Seem oneself devotes to make greatest efforts to bring up of a kid, finally want to give up him similar, can always feel heart at drop pain with similar blood.However, if is previous while falling into infinite logjam or pain and sufferings, if the life can not solve, rather clear cut the general, entirely put calculate, Michael Kors Large Selma TopZip Satchel Blackthe pain is also painful happy, pain of sprinkle Li.(: )Probably I am a heartless person such as what friend says, or is a person whom the solitude comes home, my world, sometimes only have my a person.So-called responsibility, natural affection, love, these ideas like family,etcs are baffling of too long, I the meeting entirely let go of.Because I connect my own lives all lead not good, return how go to and discuss those emperors but hall it of affair?Probably a lot of persons all say to is a man, be live for other people consider, being a loving person but.In fact these words I just discover, purely talk idly now.If you live well, you have ability to is responsible for for circumferential person, you will say like this as well as do like this.If your life as it does also but confusion unbearable, promise that the owners will choose evade or from attend to.So, today of I no longer consider that who I am isn't considering I why but live, I just want to pursue the life that I look forward to.A person, a shoulder bag, a book, a bamboo flageolet, a list is anti-, a ticket, an one-way street.Ninth loiterer 2014.12.8 dissipates of a text net:/subject/3713755/Now then move forward from the beginning and more

Just in state of drunken ecstasy moment suddenly hears that someone seeks me.Go out a to see, what to stand is exactly thin and feeble Chen Jie under the moonlight, her solitude helplessly embraces a double arm, a see me asking:I also want to stay, can you help me?

And then cloud:Go to the person originally have no dream, its dream is visiting fairy.The true person didn't sleep as well and slept a floating cloud smoke.The smoke precinct chief saves joy, Michael Kors Large Selma TopZip Satchel Blackthere don't be sky in the pot.The desire knows a sleeping inside, the human life—Xuan.

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