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Long for the solitude alone hope cloud and mist and only love hot sun, it presents.The from ancient times still has already longed for flavor and returns to hope life to all tie up Mian.The bitterness thinks when platform station, Michael Kors Large Selma TopZip Satchel MANDARINagain teach a great talent happy open Yan.2 years the time Be empty to pass away, up to now don't now early times article.The Gu body is difficult to anticipate to go to where, want to turn round really difficult.The Qiao meets an old gentleman acquaint with, however can not be well-known.This present life have no is solid fan Mang, thin read a historical records empty love a field.

The other people smile me too crazy, Michael Kors Large Selma TopZip Satchel MANDARINI smile other people to see not to wear.More and more feel own feet is not made decision by oneself, much time is pushed by destiny and life to walk.I, however is one Su in the sea of this destiny, rise and fall to drift with this crazy big wave of the life.Think of to drill that elder brothers on board to say up the over night class:Celebrate the New Year not dry.

Probably you don't know, we once met, just but didn't can do to briefly stop over, because we all went in the disease of car up.I sit on the homing car and looking at this ever matchless and familiar small city, Michael Kors Large Selma TopZip Satchel MANDARINconcerning its memory inside, only have you.The Pie leads in addition to window, you so have no the emergence of omen in my visual field, my heart great waves, can not be calm any further.You still keep smiling so brilliantly and happily smile at that time, you are to so easily satisfy, very small interesting news, can don't already make you happy.Just meet for an instant, but you don't know the youth ever is following you closely.

Beautiful Jia:Is long, pass valley, introduce a person for you, my new boyfriend, Lyu Zi Qiao.(I go to this and is an imagination of-, =)

Meet again, have already drawn off green puckery, return to hope the passing years inside deeply shallow shallowly print to record, still remember sorrow lately, those quickly passing times companions for passing away write laugh heartily with sweet gradually go gradually and far.You, I, we together use a Shao China witness those are true but as well vainly and ever.

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