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Love like this is clean and pure, transparent.A kind of spirit that exchanges sugar for mind, a kind of open eyes of mind.It is above board, it puts to fly two ideal in the young public.He chooses for the oneself with girl in the letter of the road drink colourful, behave rare target joint endeavor.Rains and winds together road, sunlight together road.The rains and winds main force strongly stands and calmly faces in the sunlight.The writing ever really makes me know love, the understanding like this is too late seemed.I for excite pay for it, for excite lost of too many.Ever why excite?Why don't calm down?Is that the probably successful desire is too strong, it lets the color reach a boy to take no account of the result that it brings.The many colors reaches a boy to early be used to a life.Walk into bar to look for the writing inspiration that once could not own.He likes to drink 300 milliliters of Budweiser.Its taste good, also very pure, there is no the fanaticism of imported spirits, free.Imitate statue of Buddha XX similar fanaticism, Michael Kors Large Selma TopZip Satchel SUMMER BLUEfree.Her flavor is what man can not refuse.Is mature, charmingly feminine know man's need what?This is probably the reason that the man likes young woman.Her look in the eyes is sometimes very cheerless, sometimes very passionate, sometimes seduce the man's sense of vision.She can use various look in the eyes communicates with you, sometimes her look in the eyes will tell a man, what is she considering now?

? ???Frankly speaking, my in the mind is to stir cool stir the cool, Michael Kors Large Selma TopZip Satchel SUMMER BLUEoneself isn't person in Chengdu to come to to comfort himself/herself each time.

I say:"Anyway earn quick money is opportunity to have no me of, I have never wanted to earn quick money as well, because if have the opportunity like this will definitely have a lot of own than me more excellent resources installs of the person captured, so be like me the resources allocation like this still keeps needing self-knowledge, what I needed steadily works well at that moment.Accurately say to is the customer of very current service wild wolf soul, then look for new cooperation customer."

One text Yue says in the 《academy pure pond 》 of Li Yuan Luo:Jump the gun from the billowing world of mortals, sit of a while at thus of the side of the pure pond.Read pure pond like read a Buddha Dian.Loved a pole to"jump the gun", love a pole that parable.Walking gait in the day in a hurry, how steal thing to float to living half day carefree?

Ancient times woman, the fancy embroiders wallet and imitates if embroider into this very small wallet of very airtight worries, then send to the lover.And don't say that this ingeniously does work, only the feeling of this You You thinks you unmoved?The woman in 《Red Chamber Dream 》 , excels embroidery of a lot of, Lin Dai Yu once embroidered the good wallet to one to send to the treasure jade and mistook that the treasure jade appreciated own wallet to other people and also cried and screamed once afterwards.Finally know that the treasure jade still hides in the bosom, then and inwardly the heart is pleased, Michael Kors Large Selma TopZip Satchel SUMMER BLUEvery touched.A woman sends to the deepest love on this wallet, each line is one silk cordiality, is consigned to an oneself's most beloved man, this feeling through embroider an article to deliver, most deeply also the most reserved.

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