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Love apartment the third quarter already open to sow very for a long time, love apartment 3 classic stage dialogues are also fresh to come out.The short composition learns the net's small plait tidies up for the large net friend of love apartment 3 classic sayingses fascinatingly allow of no to miss.Bagged love apartment 3 the insides are various classic stage dialogue sayings, love dialogue, call names a sentence language sentence, there is also various language part that the Jing opens up, the thunder person's words etc..Be worth collecting, worth share, Michael Kors Large Skorpios Shoulder Bag ECRUdon't forget to forward to you of friend.

Reduce some waist Zhuis dish the outstanding disease make several rates of disease, or for flatter a quilt horse's hoofs wound of situation& hellip;For this, work hard, regular work or living manner, is not tomorrow but annoyance, isn't yesterday but sigh, seek quasi- oneself's living target, life will enrich colorful, it will use you unexpected way to give something back to you.This just calls real of life, this just call truely natural and unrestrained.The skull of fire the top once rolled from the Huang grass

What is the Chang Feng writing?Show me.Xiao rain equanimity's saying.Do you when come?Scared me.I am tiny to say with smile.Just came——See you write like this to become fascinated, can show me the contents that you write?Being full of expectation in her eyes is full of to the contents in the book of diary of curious.This is a kind of desire.Beware of to work properly medium have desire, it wills carry out.It can make people negative and happy.In fact write into in the book of diary of, all the feeling Wu of work and life.When the blue hotel goes to work, in addition to company another places didn't go.Nature and work contact together.Certainly let you see, but want to keep secret for me.I am tiny to say with smile.Certainly——Do you write much for a long time?Asking of her equanimity I.Time that I write isn't very long, write to stop for more than two years.My equanimity's saying.You continue to write and wait after finishing writing take to let me see.She is tiny to say with smile.No problem, I will make you become my first reader.My self-confidence's saying.I can truely feel the magic power of writing at this time.In time in recent[one] week.I the contents of renewal isn't a lot of, didn't also intend to upload a literature website every day.Now just diligently write, work hard modify.In the writing of at the same time, will also search to once remember in, feel the deepest person and affair.When music, literature, Di, the bar, KTV, smoke, the wine, loves, death and sex appears in the writing——All of this are what I experiences.When my career after discover, different situation, interpersonal exchanges different.Can talk sex and talk life, talk ideal and talk future at the situation having.Can talk sex in the massage parlor, talk a bodily demand.Sometimes all of mental state and physiology are demands.All of us are to have seven feelings six desires.

Connect down he has much aer lunar of time seldom again come vexed I, Michael Kors Large Skorpios Shoulder Bag ECRUI also start trying to associate with a male kid.Say to is association, but also is limited by chat stroll.He comes to take over shift duty each time, I can feel that the look in the eyes that he see me is more and more fond of Mang, and this makes me feeling uneasiness.The boy of association also starts sounding out my meaning:Last night I with him chat for a long time, he says to let I from now on must to how are you, also say him by himself before too over feeling, is don't deserve yours——Do you say his this words to are what mean?Having already grown in my heart is light of lose, lightly answer:Say with it to is a boyfriend, rather say that you are like a younger brother more, probably I am a Cang shipwreck have already really and ever been water.That day, I to the boy speak to have long time ago of that he, I tell him that that is my only person who once loved.Boy simple and honest docile, I didn't hurt his meaning.

On June 28, 2013, Xi near even total secretary, at the Senkaku Islands guesthouse of Peking with come to plain Jin Hui of Korean president whom R.O.C carries on a national affairs interview to totally enter lunch, and mutually presented a gift.The gift that the Xi is near even to present is 《ascend the building of Guan Qiao 》 of this king's Huan calligraphy work.Profoundly expressed the breadth of view world of chairman Xi, the decision led Chinese people and continuously ascend high enterprising life ambition Hao feeling.Also hope to win Han Liang Guo with the mood of "desire poor long distance eyes, more ascend 1 F floor", push friendly association and relation of two countries again up a new step.This is good enough to explain, 《ascend the building of Guan Qiao 》 of the king's Huan is in the amount of in the chairman Xi's heart.《Ascend the building of Guan Qiao 》 are truely historic to extremely sing!

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